OneLogin continues security momentum by achieving FedRAMP Ready

As a security professional, a OneLogin employee, and an advocate of federal agencies adopting cloud technologies securely, I could not be more thrilled that OneLogin has achieved FedRAMP Ready status.

This achievement is the culmination of a major investment in our security and compliance program that spans across many facets of the organization. This is another meaningful milestone in our ongoing commitment to security and compliance.

What does FedRAMP Ready mean?

An investment in the Security of our Service
FedRAMP is a demanding regulation and sets a high bar with regard to the security controls the standard requires. Meeting FedRAMP Ready represents a meaningful investment in our security program—one from which all of our customers, not just those in the federal government, will benefit.

Opportunities to work with Federal agencies
Our FedRAMP progress paves the way for opportunities to work with a growing number of Federal agencies that are in need of a new approach to access management.

Based on a survey of federal IT professionals, on average, 50.8% of their applications are hosted in the cloud and 49.2% are hosted on-prem (CITE Research, State of the Federal IT Landscape). This means most federal agencies are either lacking an access management solution for their SaaS portfolio or dealing with separate access management tools for each environment.

Either way, we can help.

Where can I learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about our security program, visit our compliance and trust pages.

If you work for a federal agency, I recommend reviewing our full length paper detailing the results of our survey of federal IT professionals, the evolution of the technology landscape within federal agencies, and the opportunity to rethink existing access management approaches.

Be sure to stay tuned for ongoing updates on our security developments.

About the Author

Justin Calmus

Justin Calmus is the Chief Security Officer at OneLogin. Before joining OneLogin, Justin served as CIO and CSO at Zenefits, was director of enterprise security at Salesforce, manager of security engineering at LinkedIn, and VP of Hacker Success at HackerOne, the leading bug bounty platform. Today, Justin architects and leads OneLogin’s risk management, security and compliance efforts.

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