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Agility is imperative—but so is security.
Our Trusted Experience Platform™ provides both.

All signs point to continuous change

Acquisitions, turnover, reorgs. An explosion of data that every employee wants to access. Divisions and teams constantly adopting new tools. And with all of that, the IT department has another job: protect corporate data and intellectual property.

Onboarding & offboarding = time sink

With constant change, provisioning and de-provisioning can devour your IT resources. Still, you can’t afford delays. Failure to onboard or update employees means lost productivity. And failure to quickly de-provision users opens you to attack.

Modern Identity Management

Shifting technology risks breaches

Technology companies lead the way in adoption of new cloud technologies: AI, big data, and custom-built innovations. But being first brings an increased risk of breaches as you implement these technologies in a hybrid environment.

Latest Cyberthreats

IAM systems proliferate

Identity and access management (IAM) is the main line of defense against cyberattacks. But with the speed of digital transformation, organizations end up maintaining too many IAM systems—including a mix of on-prem and cloud.

The IAM Challenge

"We can now onboard and offboard a user within minutes instead of hours. With an average of 10 to 12 people starting a month, that's a lot of hours that we are saving."

Mustafa Ebadi, Vice President of IT & Services, SOTI

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OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform™

The OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform™ is the foundation to build simple and secure experiences between people and technology. Manage and secure digital identities for your workforce and your customers so you can get back to business.

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Identity lifecycle management

OneLogin’s single cloud directory integrates with your existing directories, like Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and Workday. It synchronizes in real-time and uses custom fields to extend the user object. Manage provisioning and permissions from a central directory to save time and money.

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Secure authentication

OneLogin offers MFA with policy-based access control and password resets based on location, application, and more. It’s a mobile-friendly solution, with a mobile app to enable quick authentication. SmartFactor Authentication™ powered by Vigilance AI™ leverages machine learning to dynamically adjust authentication requirements based on risk scores.

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Built for developers

OneLogin is built to enable developers to incorporate SSO and other UAM platform elements into their own, custom apps. We’ve had developers in mind from the start and built our first SAML toolkit back in 2010. OneLogin’s APIs and SDK provide all the tools needed to extend the identity ecosystem.

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Why OneLogin?

482% ROI

~Forrester TEI study

80-90% time savings on

6,000+ app