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Identity and access management for your workforce

Secure access for employees, contractors, and partners
OneLogin Workforce

Accelerate your business

As organizations grow, the technology puzzle pieces multiply: more applications, users, and devices. Legacy IT slows you down as you balance the need for security and productivity in a complex environment.

OneLogin's Trusted Experience Platform™ simplifies that complexity, centralizing Identity and Access Management (IAM) across all user directories, applications, and devices. Increase employee productivity while ensuring security through single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, context-aware security, and a centralized cloud directory.

Access apps securely

Access apps securely

Use single sign-on (SSO) for faster login and reduced helpdesk calls. SSO
increases productivity and security.
Eliminate passwords

Eliminate passwords

Passwordless authentication simplifies the user experience and controls access to critical apps and sensitive data.
Streamline user management

Streamline user management

Onboard, offboard, and provision users easily with OneLogin’s centralized cloud directory and integrations.

Better identity management

Password reset tickets

Delays in de-provisioning

Compliance verification

Weak passwords

Cloud directory

The center of the platform is the OneLogin cloud directory: a single source of truth from which you manage access. No need to rip and replace your current directories. OneLogin’s pre-built integrations work seamlessly with your existing on-prem and cloud directories, like Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, Workday, and more.

Single Sign-On

OneLogin’s Single Sign-on (SSO) platform gives users one-click access to all their apps, in the cloud or behind the firewall, anywhere and anytime. With an extensive app catalog and a secure portal, users can always see and access their apps.

OneLogin Desktop extends SSO to MacOS or Windows machines. OneLogin Access extends identity management to legacy apps on-prem and hosted remotely.


Secure authentication by adding multi-factor authentication (MFA). Enable users to implement a variety of factors including personal security questions, biometrics, OTP, pins, and more. You define the rules, OneLogin enforces them.

OneLogin’s SmartFactor Authentication uses risk insights from Vigilance AI™ to adapt authentication flows. Login attempts with elevated risk scores are prompted for multi-factor authentication, denied access to particularly sensitive applications, or denied access to the portal entirely.

Identity and lifecycle management

With OneLogin’s identity management, provision users easily and automate onboarding/offboarding. Connectors integrate OneLogin with your on-prem and cloud directories with real-time synchronization.

Streamline entitlements through powerful rules to enforce intelligent access policies based on user location, role, privilege level, and more.

Reporting and intelligence

Stay compliant with sophisticated reporting and a centralized audit trail. The information you need to meet compliance requirements or assess cyber threats is at your fingertips. No more coordinating with multiple systems and people for reports. OneLogin’s dashboard is supplemented by a state-of-the-art reporting engine for drilling down to users, apps, and events.

Developer tools

An Identity and Access Management solution that isn’t extensible isn’t a scalable solution. Built to be developer-first, OneLogin’s API is based on RESTful principles, secured by OAuth 2.0, and provides JSON messages, search, pagination, sorting, and filtering. With OneLogin, you can integrate your custom apps and third-party apps, and extend the system to fit your workflows.


Digital transformation is a strategic driver for Airbus. We are completely redesigning our information technology systems to create added value for the business.

Chris Taylor Head of Airbus Digital Accelerator


The login process has been very streamlined. Our users don’t even realize that OneLogin is working behind the scenes, authenticating all of their logins.

Randy Moon Sr Manager of IT Security, Steelcase

Susan G Komen

OneLogin has reduced spending on helpdesk calls by $35,000 annually and saves $82,000 in lost productivity per year.

Brim Basom Sr Manager, IT Programs & Projects, Susan G Komen

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