2022 Cybersecurity Conferences

2022 has begun and we still need to be as diligent as possible when it comes to protecting our systems and our data from cyber attacks. Cybercriminals are constantly working on their game to get better and more efficient at what they do and we need to work just as hard to fend them off.

One of the best ways of keeping on top of new technologies and cyber defense strategies is to attend a cybersecurity conference or two. So we thought we would share with you the top 5 we recommend you attend.

Number 1: RSA Conference

They recently decided to push the conference out to June 6-9 and will be hosting it in San Francisco. This is a great opportunity to see the latest and greatest of what is out there and make sure you don’t miss the RSAC Innovative Sandbox Contest, a great chance to see cutting edge startups show their new ideas.

Numbers 2 and 3: Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit and/or Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

Really any Gartner conference on security-related topics is what we would recommend. Gartner analysts consistently predict where the cybersecurity world is turning and are key in shaping how we plan for the future.

Number 4: Blackhat USA

This conference is a mix of incredibly powerful, hands-on, instructor-led trainings and informative briefings. It is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge.

Number 5: Cybersecurity & Risk Summit

These conferences are held around the world and provide current insights, cutting-edge resources to help organizations and industry professionals and the organizations they work with to mitigate their risks and optimize their processes.

Most of these conferences are being held in person and have online options. So no excuses for not attending. Make sure attending at least one of these is on your list of objectives for the year.

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Alicia Townsend

For almost 40 years, Alicia Townsend has been working with technology as both a consultant and a trainer. She has a passion for empowering others to use technology to make their lives easier. As Director of Content and Documentation at OneLogin, Ms. Townsend works with technical writers, trainers and content marketing writers to inspire and empower everyone to take advantage of what OneLogin’s platform has to offer them.

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