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OneLogin CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) features

The Foundation of Customer Identity and Access Management

The biggest consequence of a data breach is the loss of customer trust. To keep your data safe (and your customers happy) you need to implement a solution that increases your security posture while ensuring your customer experience remains seamless.

Customer experience

Robust Security & Authentication

Implement secure and customizable authentication flows with policy-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) and flexible APIs.

Customer identity

Easy Migration & Administration

Quickly migrate from homegrown or legacy CIAM solutions and avoid disruptions.

Easy implementation

Seamless User Experiences

Deliver simple and intuitive experiences across all devices and applications. Your customers won’t even know we are there.


Reliability at Scale

Meet the scale and reliability that your customers demand. Zero downtime.

From login page to product catalog and customer support, OneLogin SSO keeps you secure

Protect Your Customers From a Breach Without Sacrificing Experience

Passwords alone aren’t enough to protect your customers, their data, and your business from malicious activity and account takeover. Employ modern security tactics while delivering an intuitive trusted user experience for your customers with OneLogin’s Trusted Customer Experience platform.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication for stronger, context-aware security
OneLogin’s AI-Powered SmartFactor Authentication to streamlines visibility into login attempts in real-time, enabling you to act quickly and address high-risk activities. Easily define risk thresholds and automatically adjust authentication requirements.

Seamless customer experiences without the friction
You don’t have to sacrifice user experience for security. With OneLogin, you can provide your customers with a consistent, trusted experience across all devices and applications. Quickly enable easy access through passwordless authentication and social registration.

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Quickly Migrate Customers to a Modern Identity Solution that Scales

Many organizations have legacy identity management systems that are old, cumbersome, and lack modern security features. Migrating to a new system without interrupting the customer experience can be a huge challenge. But it doesn’t have to be with OneLogin.

Finally move off your homegrown or legacy CIAM platform
You don’t have to be stuck with your legacy or homegrown CIAM platform. Save time, money, and resources by easily migrating over to OneLogin. Add security features as-needed, enforce a more robust authentication process, and stop investing resources to build features in-house.

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Grow your e-commerce business with OneLogin CIAM
Developer API

Integrate Your CIAM Solution into Everything You Build with Flexible APIs

When building applications, developers want to ensure a seamless customer experience for secure access. Through OneLogin’s APIs, developers get the flexibility they need to customize authentication requirements as they go through the development process.

Purpose-built, flexible, and robust developer APIs
Easily add security features into your development workflow. By connecting OneLogin to any application with APIs, developers spend less time creating complex work-arounds for customer identity and more time focusing on what they love--developing!

Reliability and scale
When millions of customers need access to your application or website, you need to ensure your identity vendor can scale as-needed. With OneLogin, you can feel confident in our 99.9% reliability and up-time. Our infrastructure is intentionally built for high throughput and is able to process a high volume of login events.

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The OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform

CIAM Cloud Directory

Cloud Directory


Single Sign-On

Adaptive Authentication

SmartFactor Authentication

Social Networks Login

Social Login

Developer API Access Management

API Access Management

Developer API Authentication and Administration

API Authentication and Administration

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