OneLogin for your Growing Business

Improve productivity and security without adding IT headcount

The Challenge

Protect your reputation while enabling employees to work quickly and securely

No business can afford a security breach, nor the loss of customer confidence that comes with it. Growing businesses are especially at risk. They need to ensure security, but can’t afford complex solutions that frustrate employees or require more IT resources to implement.

Today's businesses have to be agile. They're looking for fast and secure onboarding for new employees, easy employee access to company applications, and simple but solid security solutions that work out of the box. That means affordable solutions that let existing staff do more in less time.

The Solution

A low-effort, big-reward security and productivity solution

Whether you’re a small startup or large business, OneLogin provides an easy-to-implement Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. Employees, partners, and even customers will be delighted with the ease of OneLogin’s single sign-on (SSO) access to information and apps—including common applications like G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, or Salesforce. OneLogin supports innovation by enabling access to your custom applications, too.

You control who has access to what through smart security and a superior user-experience. Role-based access lets you automatically onboard and assign people the right apps and access based on their role. You can even use multi-factor authentication (MFA) for added security. Fast and easy to deploy, OneLogin saves precious employee and IT administrator time—resulting in cost savings to your business.

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"One of the biggest benefits OneLogin has provided us is the simple on-boarding of new employees and the ability to create individual profiles depending not only on job title, but also location, even if they’re travelling."

Ben Mollett | Application Delivery Engineer

"OneLogin's access management offering provided the necessary secure infrastructure that has simplified access to corporate applications for the end user."

Christian Mayr | Head of Quality and Organization

"After OneLogin, we noticed an uptick in site visits across all systems. By removing the accessibility barrier, our users felt empowered... we noticed some productivity gains among our user community."

Andrew Riehemann | Director of Information Technology

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