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OneLogin for Nonprofits

Let OneLogin secure your identities and control access to your most critical applications and data, so you can focus on your mission.
OneLogin for Nonprofits

The Challenges for the Nonprofit Industry

Nonprofit organizations are tasked with collecting and handling sensitive data, often on a limited budget. These organizations need to focus on their mission at hand, while protecting their donors, staff and volunteers’ confidential information and ensuring access to sensitive applications is secure.

Digitalization of Consumers

Controlling Application Access

Securing Customer Data

Monitoring for Security Threats

Improving Operational Efficiency

The OneLogin Solution

OneLogin is the number one value-leader in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) space. Our Trusted Experience Platform™ provides everything your nonprofit needs to secure your workforce (permanent and seasonal volunteers), partners, donors and data - all at a price that works within your budget. Plus, with OneLogin’s unprecedented ability to scale, you never need to worry about access being down during a traffic surge to your website.

Pride Industries

OneLogin’s partnership and support throughout our collaboration has contributed to a more efficient workforce. We look forward to growing alongside OneLogin for years to come.

Alan McMillan CIO, PRIDE Industries

OneLogin Products

We are committed to providing our nonprofit customers with the latest advancements in IAM product functionality for your workforce, partner and donor use cases.


OneLogin is unique in the marketplace. Tight security controls yet with a really clean interface. Easy on the eyes. Easy to navigate. And a 100% reliable service.

Michael Litz Director of Information Services, Awana

British Red Cross

We implemented OneLogin as a safer Identity Provider (IdP) to single sign-on, and then provided the two-factor authentication… we felt the implementation went very well and it provided the solution we wanted.

Phil Paul Head of Service Delivery, British Red Cross

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