Real-Time User Provisioning

Automate and Streamline User Management Across Applications

Increase Security and Reduce Cost

Manual user management is error-prone and labor intensive. By automating onboarding and offboarding processes, you can reduce human involvement and streamline access control based on role, department, location, title and other attributes. Changes in Active Directory are synchronized to downstream applications within seconds, providing you with an effective user kill switch that can help minimize exposure.

User Provisioning Active Directory

Fast Onboarding

Users in an application typically have different entitlements. One user may be an administrator, another user may only have access to support tickets in certain groups. OneLogin imports your organization's entitlement definitions from each individual app and gives you flexible rules for determining which entitlements each user gets.

Even Faster Offboarding

Deprovisioning or off-boarding users is critical to preventing unauthorized access to enterprise data from former employees. OneLogin provides an effective kill switch for off-boarding users. Real-time user synchronization for Active Directory means that disabling a user will take effect in target applications within seconds, not minutes or hours.

Custom User Attributes Provisioning

Custom Attributes

Not every organization is the same and yours may be using a set of user attributes that are unique to your industry or business processes. OneLogin's user provisioning tool allows you to import custom user attributes from external directories and push them to apps that support it, such as Jive, Samange or Salesforce.

Flexible Entitlement Mappings

OneLogin imports entitlement definitions from apps and gives you flexible rules for determining each user’s entitlements. Upon creating a new user in Salesforce, for example, OneLogin's identity provisioning system can also assign the new user to the Admin, Marketing or Sales group within Salesforce.

Entitlement Mappings Identity Provisioning

Secure all your apps, users, and devices