Close the Loop on Identity Compliance

Intelligent Identity Analytics and Policy Reporting

Centralized Audit Trail

A key benefit of identity and access management is the centralized recording of all user management and login activity. OneLogin's audit trail records all user changes and activity, which can be used for powerful statistics or retroactive forensics.

OneLogin reports laptop screenshot

Standard Reports

OneLogin comes with a dozen standard reports that give you instant insight with just one click. Deep dive into inactive users, application utilization and login activity. Review users with weak passwords or examine users by groups and privileges.

Custom Reports

Get as specific as you need to with OneLogin’s custom reporting. Four different report types make it easy to create new reports on the fly or to clone and customize any of the standard reports. Drill down into users, apps, logins and events and find the information you need. Or export your report to Excel for further analysis.

OneLogin reports laptop screenshot

Reporting Galore

OneLogin's built-in reporting engine lets you quickly drill down into users, apps and event records. Use any of the many standard reports, clone them or build brand new reports from scratch.

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