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The Challenge

Strengthen your security profile, drive productivity, and accelerate digital transformation

Cybercrime and data breaches increase daily—and enterprises are a prime target. Addressing security risks at scale is more important than ever. It’s a daunting task, with today’s highly distributed workforce, complex infrastructures, and resource-intensive, fragmented approaches identity and access management.

Enterprises require an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that doesn’t force them to choose between security and productivity. One that enforces identity policies and reduces costs with a mature, proven platform that’s flexible enough to meet the growing organization’s needs at every stage of the digital transformation journey, whether in an on-premise, hybrid, or cloud environment.

The Solution

IAM that works your way

OneLogin’s powerful Trusted Experience Platform™ has the flexibility and scalability to support your digital transformation. Robust IAM features will meet your company’s evolving access needs across your workforce, customers, and business partners: SSO, advanced password reset, MFA with policy-based access control, intelligent threat detection and authentication, and password reset based on location, application, and user privilege level.

OneLogin supports multiple directory integration for cloud and on-premise directories, along with sign-in via SAML from identity providers. The Unlimited Plan offers directory provisioning, onboarding and offboarding checklists, Workday integration, and more. Our consultative engagement style and non-tiered, always-on customer support ensures that you get the help you need, when you need it, so you can focus on business acceleration.

Are you prepared for the future of work?

Work is changing—the workforce, the workplace, and the technology that enables both. Learn how it’s changing so you can prepare for the future, now.

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Secure Access to the Productivity, Collaboration, and Sales Apps Your Workforce Uses

"[With OneLogin] we are completely redesigning our information technology systems to create added value for the business."

Chris Taylor | Head of Airbus Digital Accelerator

"OneLogin's access management offering provided the necessary secure infrastructure that has simplified access to corporate applications for the end user."

Christian Mayr | Head of Quality and Organization

"The availability of the number of apps in OneLogin is amazing."

Todd Brillon | Mgr, Software Engineering & Support

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