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We Are Made For MSPs

OneLogin’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program offers Managed Cloud Providers, MSPs and MSSPs an opportunity to expand managed cloud, security, ITSM, and vCIO practices with the industry’s leading identity solution. Partners receive competitive margins, centralized account management, and sales, marketing, and training support to accelerate your growth.

Benefits of Partnership

Integrated MSP Services

OneLogin forms the backbone of the leading-edge service delivery model. Provide single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to over 6,000+ pre-integrated applications.

Modern Identity & Access Management

Integrate with or replace AD. Machine login for Mac and Windows extends OneLogin’s industry-leading cloud directory to enable a fully hosted and managed infrastructure for OneLogin MSPs and their clients.

Co-Brand or White Label Ready

Co-brand or embed the OneLogin service directly into your offerings to deliver a customized, elegant access experience for your clients and employees.

MSP Self-Service

From your OneLogin MSP account, you can create and manage all of your customer accounts from a single pane of glass.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Leverage our developer API’s and support for open-source standards like SAML, RADIUS, SCIM, LDAP and WAM to develop limitless new customer offerings for the cloud, the network, and on-premises.

Global Enterprise Enabled

OneLogin supports its global MSP network in 20 languages, and MSPs can provide customers with a choice of US or EU data residency. For partners in Japan, we offer localized marketing materials.

"We offer ITSM platforms to our customers, and OneLogin identity management (with user provisioning) enables us to centrally manage the user base of those platforms, while offering us the flexibility to address their unique needs. Being able to automatically provision — and deprovision — users in real time delivers the security our customers require,"

Todd Brillon | Manager of Software Engineering & Support of NTT Data

"The MSPs that are first to market with an affordable managed security offering will have an enormous advantage over traditional SMB MSPs. OneLogin’s enterprise-level identity management solution is a critical layer in our managed security offering. OneLogin allows us to help clients comply with our NIST-800 and SANS20-based information security policy and successfully execute their business plans while minimizing painful security incidents and breaches."

Eric Rockwell | President at CentrexIT

"Interlaced takes pride in being the premier Apple-centric MSP in the US. OneLogin allows us to efficiently manage 1000s of macOS and iOS endpoints and drastically optimize security. We can design a secure and scalable environment that consists of a Unified Directory integrated with all critical cloud-based services. Quick provisioning, multi-factor authentication, stellar support, and constant platform innovation all make OneLogin a clear best-in-breed solution."

Noah Pettit | Director of Business Development at Interlaced

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