August 2016 Incident

We recently confirmed that an unauthorized user gained access to one of our standalone systems, which we use for log storage and analytics. Here is what we can share about the incident:

August 30th, 2016  /   Alvaro Hoyos   /  security & compliance

Configurable SAML Signature Strength

Ever want to configure the SHA strength of your SAML signatures? Since different service providers have different requirements, we now allow you to configure it yourself. SHA-1 is selected by default, but you can also choose SHA-256, SHA-384, or SHA-512. Read More »

August 24th, 2016

New User Profile Page

Because we know that your OneLogin users are a lot more vibrant than just an avatar, the redesigned Profile page supports the ability to upload and display a user photo. We also did a lot of delightful improvements while we were at it:

  • The Change Password link and other key user info are provided top and center.
  • User-specific security settings are easily accessible from a Profile page tab, instead of on a separate page.
  • Browser extensions can now be downloaded directly from the Profile page.
Now, on to more important things, like picking the perfect profile pic! Read More »

August 24th, 2016

Background Jobs

Ever felt your background jobs are being sent to outer space with no communication back to earth? Well Houston, that’s no longer a problem. Now you can view OneLogin jobs that are running in the background on the Activity > Jobs page, get a sense of their size, see completed jobs, and stop (or restart) a job in process. Read More »

August 24th, 2016

How We Sent Good Vibes To Our Executive Team

At OneLogin, the Executive Team is always supporting us. Whether it be mentoring us through our career goals, giving us personal advice or always listening to our ideas, management has our back. With the quarterly board meeting coming up, we wanted to send support their way.

August 17th, 2016  /   Samantha Price   /  company news

Solidify Your Cybersecurity Strategy with Forrester’s IAM Playbook™

As of late, cloud computing has had a powerful impact on the daily lives of countless businesses. The cloud empowers organizations with unprecedented levels of productivity- So much so that it’s becoming more and more difficult for companies to achieve their full potential and stay competitive without embracing all that the cloud has to offer. But the cloud isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (pun intended.)

August 11th, 2016  /   Jack Shepherd   /  security & compliance