ServiceNow and ServiceNow Express Safe Entitlement

Safe entitlements enable you to use OneLogin to provision users into ServiceNow Roles without impacting existing ServiceNow Role assignments. Before making changes to users in ServiceNow or ServiceNow Express, OneLogin first identifies the users that were not added by ServiceNow and then proceeds with user provisioning, leaving users not added by OneLogin untouched. Read More »

April 21st, 2017

Workday Realtime

OneLogin’s new Workday integration now supports realtime updates for employee offboarding. When you add the OneLogin integration system to your Workday employee offboarding workflows, users will be instantly suspended from application access as soon as their termination is complete in Workday. This improves security, as we now instantly remove a terminated employee’s access to sensitive files and applications. Read More »

April 21st, 2017

Introducing OneLogin Adaptive Authentication and Push MFA

Many Multi-factor Authentication tools have a problem: they aren’t very good at measuring the risk of a login attempt. They’ll allow high-risk logins to go through without prompting the user for another factor, such as a one-time password. And they’ll prompt users for MFA even when they are performing a low-risk login attempt. The root cause is that these MFA tools are using simplistic IP whitelisting to incorrectly score risk levels.

April 6th, 2017  /   Al Sargent   /  product & technology

Pets-as-a-Factor Authentication: Secure Access with a Bark, Meow, or Hiss

Today we at OneLogin are thrilled to announce the latest in multi-factor authentication technology: OneLogin Pets - the industry’s first ever Pets-as-a-Factor Authentication (PaaFA) solution. This revolutionary new product allows users to authenticate into mobile devices, laptops, and corporate applications using facial and voice-recognition on common household pets.

March 31st, 2017  /   John Offenhartz   /  product & technology

Adaptive Authentication

Adaptive Authentication scores the risk of each login attempt and challenges users who make high-risk logins to use an additional authentication factor. Previously, administrators created user policies to indicate if MFA was required to access a resource. Now Adaptive Authentication enables administrators to require MFA for login attempts above a certain risk level, which is calculated from a broad set of inputs, including networks, geography, devices, and time. Read More »

March 30th, 2017

OneLogin OTP with QR Registration & Push

OneLogin OTP 2.2 supports push notifications to streamline MFA usage. Sign in to OneLogin using your username and password, receive an access request on your phone, click Accept, and you’re logged in. Support for Android coming soon. OneLogin OTP 2.2 also simplifies the MFA registration process for iOS devices by using QR barcodes or improved manual code entry. Read More »

March 30th, 2017

Firefox & Safari with Add App

We have added Firefox and Safari to the browsers that support the Dynamic App Catalog. The new Add App dialog prompts you to save your login credentials whenever you sign into a new app or website, so the app is ready for you in the OneLogin portal the next time you need it. Mark the app as personal if it’s just for you. If you use it for work, mark it as a company app, and admins can make it available to other users in your organization. It’s a quick and easy way to build your company’s app catalog. Read More »

March 15th, 2017