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OneLogin Access

Unify access management across all your apps
OneLogin Access

The Challenge

Fragmented Access Management Compounds Risk and Inefficiency

Today, most organizations manage complex application environments consisting of a growing portfolio of SaaS applications as well as commercial off-the-shelf and custom web apps hosted on-premises, at remote data centers, and in private clouds.

Conventional Identity and Access Management tools force organizations to manage access to these distinct environments separately, leading to a fragmented approach that is plagued with complexity, inefficiency, redundancy, and high cost.

Access, unified. Any user. Any app. Any device. Any location

The Solution

Access, unified. Any user. Any app. Any device. Any location.

OneLogin Access extends the reach of the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform™ to applications hosted on-premises and in public or private clouds. We bring the benefits of the cloud to you: simplified administration, reduced IT costs, improved security, and enhanced user experience.

OneLogin Access eliminates aging Access Management tools that are complex, expensive, and disconnected from modern SaaS environments. Through the OneLogin portal, users enjoy a simple, consistent experience with single-click access to SaaS and on-premise applications from any device.

Access for IT Practitioners

Eliminate complexity associated with legacy Web Access Management tools

Manage access for all your apps from a centralized platform with a single UI

Modernize Access Management for legacy apps with features including Federation, Single Sign-On, and OneLogin SmartFactor Authentication™

Access for IT Executives

Migrate off of expensive and labor intensive legacy Web Access Management tools

Increase security with a single secure portal for employees, partners, and customers to access all your apps

Consolidate Access Management vendors and gain operational efficiency

Access for Everyone

Access all apps through a single secure portal from anywhere on any device

Eliminate the need to recall dozens of passwords to individual apps

Balance usability and security with adaptive authentication for dynamic, multi-factor authentication (MFA)

How it Works

The Future of Access is Here

As part of the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform interface, OneLogin Access is a cloud-managed service that serves as the configuration, policy management, and policy distribution point to manage access for on-premises applications. Access configuration and policy are distributed from OneLogin to local enforcement points that function as gatekeepers to customer-managed apps.

The Future of Access is Here

Unify access to your on-prem apps

Find out how OneLogin Access securely unifies access to your on-prem apps, even behind a firewall, through its central cloud directory. OneLogin has the right solution for your organization.

OneLogin for RDG Server

Provide users with secure access to Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) Server secured with MFA via the OneLogin portal. Use for local or remote data centers or private clouds such as AWS and Microsoft Azure.
OneLogin for RADIUS

OneLogin for RADIUS

Enable seamless authorizations for users authenticating to network resources, such as WiFi or VPN using OneLogin’s Cloud RADIUS server. Enforce MFA easily across your user base. All while eliminating the need for complex and costly on-premise RADIUS servers.


The unification of OneLogin for SaaS apps and for our on-premise applications simplifies and secures access for our employees, scales our growth globally, and streamlines our ability to support business critical operations for our global customers.

Mustafa Ebadi Senior Vice President of Customer Experience and IT, SOTI

The Emergence of Unified Access Management

OneLogin’s cloud-based Trusted Experience Platform enables a unified access management experience across SaaS and on-premises applications, as well as a wide range of networks and devices. OneLogin makes it simpler and safer for everyone to access the apps and data they need, anytime and everywhere. According to Arlington Research, 98% of IT decision makers are interested in Unified Access Management.