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OneLogin for Financial Services

Secure application access and simplify IT management
OneLogin for Financial Services

The challenge

Providing secure application access for analysts, account managers, and service representatives

Financial services companies such as banks, wealth management firms, and insurance companies look to simplify application access for their fleets of finance professionals and customer care personnel while protecting their data and meeting compliance requirements in the easiest way possible. From providing fast access to key applications like HR and CRM, granting access to new employees to the firm’s resources, to having an instant “kill switch” to remove access from departed employees, you want to manage it all efficiently, without increased IT costs.

Before financial services

The solution

Simplify application access - while meeting security compliance requirements

Whether you are a large brokerage firm or a small innovative fintech company without dedicated IT resources, OneLogin's Trusted Experience Platform™ helps you balance the requirement for both productivity and security. Your account managers, relationship managers, business analysts, and service representatives can get fast, secure access to all applications they need using Single Sign-On (SSO) with Multi-Factor Authentication via OneLogin's portal. Access is granted automatically and in real-time, using a role-based access control solution with auditing and monitoring for compliance and peace of mind.

Simplify application access

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Lincoln Investment

Lincoln is in the middle of a technology transformation, including our applications infrastructure, and data center. OneLogin was a good fit in terms of being able to use the solution, because it is a key part of both our transformation as well as a security mindset.

Guru Rao VP of Technology


With OneLogin, we have found a vendor and partner that fully meets our requirements for a modern IDaaS solution and can perfectly meet the agility requirements of Kreditech.

Sven Weizenegger SVP of Security

Benefits & Features

Single Sign-On with MFA
Easy App Access
Unified Cloud Directory
User Lifecycle Management
On-premise integration
Unified Endpoint Management
Single Sign-On with MFA

Single Sign-On with MFA

Simplify access to apps with a single, secure authentication path. Add a layer of security with MFA using OneLogin Protect or third-party authentication factors including Duo, Google, RSA and Yubikey.

Secure all your apps, users, and devices