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Virtual LDAP Service

Bringing Cloud-Based LDAP Authentication to the Hybrid Enterprise
Virtual LDAP Service

Integrate Appliances and Legacy Apps with a Pure Cloud LDAP Solution

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For many enterprises, LDAP directories are at the heart of their IT and IAM. But, if you’re like many IT departments, you are being tasked to focus on new initiatives in order to transform the business, for example, by quickly rolling out new apps. You need a way to focus on these new initiatives without neglecting essential capabilities like LDAP which, if unmaintained, could bring your entire IT infrastructure to a halt. Even worse, some cloud directories, like Google Apps, don’t have an LDAP interface and thus can’t be connected to many parts of your enterprise.


We've always liked the OneLogin solution, but the VLDAP Service solidifies our investment in OneLogin as a top internal resource and partner.

AJ Tardio Systems Administrator, Frontline


OneLogin VLDAP frees you from having to run LDAP servers. It adds an LDAP interface to OneLogin's cloud directory, giving you a high availability, scalable LDAP service. There's nothing to install or maintain, freeing you to focus on high priority initiatives. Better still, it's integrated with OneLogin OTP as part of the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform™, bringing secure multifactor authentication to LDAP and enhancing your identity and access management strategy.

Bridge Old and New

While OneLogin Virtual LDAP lives in the cloud, it’s designed with the realization that modern enterprises have a mix of cloud services, and on-premise infrastructure living behind a firewall -- and that this isn’t going to change anytime soon. We call this the Hybrid Enterprise.

To address this reality, OneLogin VLDAP integrates with your VPN, network-attached storage (NAS), older web servers, and office WiFi, allowing them to use identities from cloud directories such as Azure AD, Workday, and Google Apps. Or even federate identities from on-premise Active Directory and existing LDAP servers. And it lets you continue to use LDAP as the heart of your IT and single source of truth for authentication.

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