Introducing OneLogin Unified Access Management

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OneLogin Access – Unify Access Management Across All Your Apps

OneLogin Access augments the SaaS Identity-as-a-Service functionality of the OneLogin Unified Access Management Platform to enable you to control access to web applications hosted on -premises, at remote data centers, and in private clouds, all from a single user interface.

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Extend Speed and Integrity 
to the Desktop

OneLogin Desktop enrolls your laptop or desktop computer with the OneLogin Cloud Directory and creates a secure profile on your machine that can only be accessed with your OneLogin Cloud Directory credentials.

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Adaptive Authentication - Identify and respond to high‑risk logins

OneLogin Adaptive Authentication uses machine learning, which analyzes a broad range of inputs, to calculate risk scores and determine whether to prompt users for multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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One-click Access to All Apps – 
In the Cloud and Behind the Firewall

With OneLogin's single sign-on portal users only have to enter one set of credentials to access their web apps in the cloud and behind the firewall – via desktops, smartphones and tablets.

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Simplify how you provide access to key applications - for all your employees, within minutes

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Streamline the on- and off-boarding process for employees and students, secure authentication points into all apps.

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Use Case

HR Integration

OneLogin Integrates your HR and IT systems to manage employee identities

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Over 2,000 enterprise customers globally secure their applications with OneLogin

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“If you need to be able to access all of your work, your data, your applications—no matter what device you’re on or where you’re at—OneLogin allows that to happen seamlessly.”

GARY GRAEFF | IT Group Manager

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With OneLogin, I rolled out Office 365 to 4,000+ users across 35 offices in half an hour

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OneLogin implementation was a breeze. It was deployed in the span of a few days. It was so easy that none of the system admins had any experience with single-sign on, and it was still a breeze.


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Digital transformation is a strategic driver for Airbus. [With OneLogin] we are completely redesigning our information technology systems to create added value for the business.


…the (OneLogin) team could deliver an effective replacement for the two factor authentication (2FA) solution we already had in place.


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“When you’re accessing apps through OneLogin, you never have to do anything with your password. It’s a huge time saver. ROI is also substantial when you consider reduction in integration costs.”

BRIM BASOM | IT Solutions Advisor

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Analysts Agree on OneLogin’s Proven Identity Access Management Solution

Secure All Your Apps, Users, and Devices

About Us

OneLogin is the leader in Unified Access Management, Enabling Organizations to Access the World™. Businesses of all sizes use OneLogin to secure company data, while increasing IT administrator and end users efficiencies. Implementation of our identity management solutions can be achieved in hours not days, delivering a fully featured administrative and self-service portal. Our ability to handle on-premises and cloud/SaaS applications makes us the identity as a service vendor of choice for the hybrid enterprise. Two factor authentication, mobile identity management for one-click access on smartphones and tablets, and real-time directory synchronization add an extra layer of protection.

Once logged in, instant access to popular apps such as Office 365, G Suite, AWS and Workday is a workforce’s dream, and with our extensive catalog of over 5,000 pre-integrated applications, you can be assured that your users will quickly gain secure one-click access to all the applications they need. And when employees depart, real-time offboarding instead of batch-processing protects corporate data. No matter where your users are or what device they are using, our identity and access management system is here to make users safe and productive - anytime, anywhere. As a pioneer in developing open standards for identity management, including SAML, OpenID Connect and SCIM, OneLogin's enterprise identity authentication system manages and secures millions of companies around the globe.