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Protection Against Unauthorized Access to Critical Corporate Data

High-profile breaches are making headlines weekly, and the number of incidents continues to rise. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has become the standard to prevent unauthorized users from accessing corporate data with passwords alone. Protect your organization against growing attacks with policy-based access control for login, and password resets based on location, application and user privilege level.

In addition to OneLogin's own free one-time password (OTP) app, OneLogin comes pre-integrated with Duo Security, RSA SecurID and many others.

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iPhone OTP Application

OneLogin Protect – Free Enterprise-Grade MFA App

OneLogin Protect was purpose-built for use with OneLogin and provides a seamless, integrated user experience for MFA. Instead of manually entering the time-based code, the user simply presses a button and gets signed in automatically.

OneLogin Protect eliminates the need for customers using various services in the cloud to have multiple OTP authenticators on their iOS or Android mobile devices, effectively cutting management time and costs for their organizations.

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SMS authentication is the perfect MFA solution for users without smartphones or access to email: when logging in, particularly with increased risk while working remotely, users can use their phone to receive a one-time password via SMS as an additional authentication factor. SMS authentication can also be used as an additional layer of security for self-service password reset: Instead of contacting the corporate helpdesk, users can use their phone to provide their identity and securely reset their password via OneLogin's web interface.


Security Questions

As a non-technical alternative to SMS and email, security questions can be used as an additional authentication factor for sign-in and password reset. OneLogin comes with dozens of standard questions that are available in all 20+ languages supported.

OneLogin Desktop

OneLogin Desktop simplifies SSO and eliminates redundant passwords even further by letting users log into their corporate computer with their corporate password. In addition to combining operating system login and single sign-on (SSO) portal authentication into a single step for true single sign-on, OneLogin Desktop also installs a certificate on the machine, essentially making it a trusted device for more secure corporate login. The digital certificate is leveraged as a factor of authentication that is checked and validated by OneLogin upon login to any cloud application in the browser.

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phone laptop multiple factor authentication

OneLogin Plays Nicely with Others

In addition to OneLogin Protect, you can enable a number of integrated, third-party authentication factors.

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