Strong Multi-Factor Authentication

Strengthen Access Control with Multiple Authentication Factors

Protection Against Password Theft

Strong multiple authentication factors prevent unauthorized users from accessing corporate data with passwords alone. Use policy-based authentication to control appropriate authentication levels for sign-in and password reset based on location, application and user privilege level. In addition to OneLogin's own free one-time password app, OneLogin comes pre-integrated with Duo Security, RSA SecurID and many others.

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"I OneLogin because it allows me to enforce two-factor authentication on pretty much any application."

Matt Thorne
IT Manager, Pinterest

iPhone OTP Application

OneLogin OTP – FREE

OneLogin OTP was purpose-built for use with OneLogin and provides a seamless, integrated user experience. Instead of manually entering the time-based code, the user simply pressed a button and gets signed in automatically. OneLogin OTP is available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

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SMS authentication is the perfect solution for users without smartphones or access to email. Instead of contacting the corporate helpdesk, users can receive a one-time password to their personal mobile phone via SMS and reset their password via OneLogin's web interface.

Security Questions

As a non-technical alternative to SMS and email, security questions can be used as a second authentication factor for sign-in and password reset. OneLogin comes with dozens standard questions that are available in all the 20+ languages supported.

OneLogin Plays Nicely with Others

In addition to OneLogin OTP, you can enable a number of integrated, third-party authentication factors.

Secure All Your Apps, Users, and Devices