SAML Grows on KnowledgeTree

October 6th, 2010

KnowledgeTree, a cloud-based document management solution, leveraged OneLogin’s free, open-source SAML Toolkit to implement web-based single sign-on (press release). OneLogin’s dashboard gives KnowledgeTree customers one-click access to their documents, as well as all other cloud-based software; they no longer need to remember several destination URLs or re-use the same weak username and password to access on-demand software.

With the use of SAML, KnowledgeTree strengthened security for its customers and provided a fast and easy way to access their account. Security is critical when your enterprise data resides in the cloud, but ease-of-use is also needed to drive user-adoption. If logging into a cloud application is worry-free and trouble-free, then usage and productivity goes up.

SAML is ideal for the enterprise because it offers strong security and flexibility, is easy to manage, and as a standards-based SSO protocol it lets the enterprise choose its identity management provider. SAML has traditionally been non-trivial to implement, but with OneLogin’s free, open-source toolkit, cloud application vendors can now implement SAML in hours or days.

If you are interested in SAML-enabling your own cloud application, take a look at the documentation for the Rails toolkit or contact us at The code is also available on GitHub at:

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