Press Kit

Our Logotype

We provide two versions our our logotype. Please use the black logotype on a white background and use the white logotype on a dark background. We appreciate no alterations to our logotype! Download for Print and Web

Our Logomark

We have two version of our logomark. Simply the dark logo goes on a white background and the white logomark on a dark background. Our logomark represents our brand but is not used together with our logotype. It's the compact version of our company logo. Our logomark is a scalable mark that conveys the feeling of our company name in a compact form. Download for Print and Web

OneLogin Colors

OneLogin is a generous amount of white with a touch of blue and black to round everything out.


OneLogin Black (Web)
RGB: 28, 31, 42

OneLogin Blue
PMS 2995 C
CMYK 83, 1, 0, 0

The Stems and Counters

We have one typeface that represents our personality – Gotham.