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OneLogin Successfully Streamlines Publishing Factory’s Onboarding and Offboarding Processes

October 8th, 2020

As today’s working environment demands greater flexibility, OneLogin supports Publishing Factory, a fast-growing start-up in digital marketing, with leading identity management technology

San Francisco, CA, October 7, 2020 - OneLogin, a global leader in identity and access management, has recently announced the seamless integration of Publishing Factory’s web-based and custom applications into one centralised cloud-based portal. This has enabled employees to securely access all essential software – such as Bamboo HR, Amazon Web Services, and G Suite – with a single login, as well as allow their IT team to easily manage and suspend access as and when necessary. Therefore, helping the digital marketing start-up to overcome the manual and intensive processes of offboarding, imposed by an otherwise disjointed setup – numerous applications each with its own set of steps to de-provision users.

“We move quickly as a company. We conducted a one-month trial of OneLogin and were happy so we went forward. With everything in one place, it’s easy to enable, manage and suspend access, and IT has an accurate understanding of who has accessed what and when,” reiterates Olivier Chabanel, Director of Information Systems for Publishing Factory. “OneLogin has also helped us create and enforce better access to standards and policies. The combination of centralized identity management and strong security make OneLogin a terrific solution.”

Publishing Factory had originally utilised G Suite Google Authentication to handle identity management. While onboarding new users were relatively simple, the offboarding process often required IT teams to undertake numerous steps, often leading to costly mistakes. This was further compounded by additional manual instructions from other applications in use. The turning point, however, came when the company decided to implement Bamboo HR as the main repository for employee and contractor user records. Google Authentication was found to be incompatible with Bamboo HR, obliging users to remember additional usernames and passwords, while the IT team struggled to understand which employees had access to the various resources.

With the help of OneLogin, Publishing Factory was able to overcome these challenges. Employees simply had to enroll their devices on to the OneLogin Cloud Directory and create a secure profile. From there, employees only sign in once, with multi-factor authentication, to access over 6000 pre-integrated apps and websites. As OneLogin utilises a federated SSO, once an employee has logged in to the portal, a token signifying authentication is passed along to other apps and websites of every member firm. Regardless of how many identity providers are used, OneLogin chains their SAML responses so that they function as one. This simplifies application access for the users and its management for the IT team.

According to Chabanel, Publishing Factory has not dealt with an application access issue since using OneLogin.


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