OneLogin Introduces Desktop Pro for Windows as a Step Toward a More Secure, Passwordless Future

July 9th, 2019

New Offering Allows Device Authentication without Active Directory

San Francisco, CA – July 9, 2019 - OneLogin, the leader in Unified Access Management which delivers simple and secure application access and identity management to enterprises, today announced the availability of OneLogin Desktop Pro for Windows. For more information

With OneLogin Desktop Pro for Windows, in addition to Macs, companies can now also authenticate Windows PCs directly against OneLogin in the cloud without having an Active Directory infrastructure behind the firewall. This way, users always authenticate against a live directory, no matter where they are located without sacrificing usability or security.

According to a OneLogin study, 43% of employees reported working remotely at least part-time and 69% of professionals citing workplace flexibility as a critical issue when evaluating potential employers. An increasing number of employees are working remotely and offering the flexibility to do so becomes easier with OneLogin Desktop Pro.

The modern workforce has evolved tremendously in the way it works. It’s increasingly common for companies wanting to reduce their reliance on Active Directory. Companies large and small want greater flexibility and more choices such as adopting Macs in their organizations, employing contractors and allowing employees to work remotely. Cloud computing has also enabled a more distributed workforce that might not rely on the corporate network. According to Gartner, the number of people working remotely in the U.S. alone was 43% in 2016 1. As a result of these trends, a large portion of laptops never authenticate against Active Directory, making stale or weak passwords for those devices highly probable and vulnerable.

“The future of the enterprise is passwordless, “ said Thomas Pedersen, Co-founder and CTO of OneLogin. “Enterprise work habits have changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Today’s workforce is highly distributed. They primarily use cloud apps and often on personal devices. Active Directory is simply unable to effectively support this environment, resulting in end-user frustration and security risk.”

Windows PCs can be enrolled in OneLogin Desktop either manually or automatically to larger user bases using device management solutions, such as Microsoft Intune, AirWatch or Meraki. The enrollment both stores a PKI certificate in Windows’ Certificate Manager as well as binds its authentication to OneLogin’s Cloud Directory.

Once enrolled, users can sign into their PC with their OneLogin password and instantly access cloud applications via OneLogin’s portal. OneLogin security policies can require additional authentication factors, such as a push notification via OneLogin Protect, a one-time password via SMS, third-party vendors or biometric factors, such as Windows Hello. Additionally, differentiated levels of access can be granted to PC dependent on whether they are enrolled in OneLogin Desktop and thereby trusted by IT who may require other types of endpoint security software to be installed on devices that access corporate date.

User benefit from having one less password to remember and by getting instant access to their web applications through OneLogin. IT benefits from reducing the reliance on expensive and complex on-prem software as well as great strengthening security across the entire workforce.

OneLogin Desktop Pro for Windows as well as Mac are available today.

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1 “How to Create Effective ‘Remote’ Marketing Teams,” Gartner Blog, October 2018

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