OneLogin Wins Top Spot in Network World Magazine’s Review of Identity and Access Management and Cloud-Based Single Sign-On Products

December 19th, 2012

San Francisco, CA – December 19, 2012 – OneLogin, the innovator in identity management, today announced it ranked highest in Network World Magazine’s review of eight single sign-on (SSO) tools used to automate the logins of enterprise applications and improve password complexity. Other vendors evaluated include Intel’s McAfee Cloud Identity Manager, Numina Application Framework, Okta, Radiant Logic, SecureAuth, SmartSignin and Symplified.

According to the review, “We are awash in passwords, and as the number of Web services increases, things are only going to get worse. Trying to manage all these individual passwords is a major problem for enterprise security. Many end users cope by re-using their passwords, which exposes all sorts of security holes.”

“Our goal is to help enterprises boost both productivity and security, and to have Network World validate our work is extremely gratifying and motivating,” said Thomas Pedersen, chief executive officer of OneLogin. “We are thrilled to receive these high marks from such a respected industry publication.”

Highlights of the review include:

- “(OneLogin) has one of the largest app catalogs, supporting more than 2,600 apps, and also has the ability to be easily customized… The directory synchronization is very easy to setup…Its documentation is awesome with loads of help files on a Zendesk server that has copious screen shots and illustrations on how to set up various services.”
- “OneLogin has ‘the widest multi-factor authentication support, including their own [iPhone]( soft token apps, RSA’s SecurID, SMS text messages, Vasco tokens, Yubico YubiKey and browser certificates. This is important because by using one of these tokens, you strengthen all of your associated logins through the SSO process, without having to constantly find a different multifactor token for each individual login circumstance.”
- “One unique feature to OneLogin is a new addition called [Federated Cloud Search]( This makes it easier to find particular content across your entire apps portfolio without having to index each specific site. If you ever tried to look for a document in one of your SaaS-based providers, you will understand how effective this feature can be.”
- “The directory synchronization is very easy to setup, and OneLogin supports Active Directory, OpenLDAP, Google Apps and Workday. You can set up rules to map users to particular roles and groups.”
- “(OneLogin’s) documentation is awesome with loads of help files on a Zendesk server that has copious screen shots and illustrations on how to set up various services.”

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About OneLogin

OneLogin is the innovator in enterprise identity management and provides the industry’s most comprehensive solution for managing user identities, both in the cloud and behind the firewall. Unique capabilities like Cloud Search and OneLogin for iPad break down SaaS data silos and increase productivity. OneLogin’s cloud identity platform comes complete with secure single sign-on for web, mobile and iPad, federated search, user provisioning, deep directory integration with real-time user sync, out-of-band multi-factor authentication, VPN integration and compliance reporting. OneLogin’s catalog contains thousands of pre-integrated applications, including Asure Software, Coupa, Box, Clarizen, DocuSign, Egnyte, EchoSign, Google Apps, Innotas, LotusLive, NetSuite, Microsoft Office 365, Oracle CRM On-Demand, Parature,, SuccessFactors, WebEx, Workday, Yammer, ServiceNow, Zscaler and Zendesk. OneLogin, Inc. is backed by CRV. Free Trial Available at: | Twitter: @onelogin.

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