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Hi there,

As businesses evolve and acquire more and more technologies, ensuring all these integrate with your existing tech stack–whether cloud or on-prem–becomes more challenging. Equally important is fast and accurate user onboarding and offboarding. Without proper and timely connectivity, critical data and user info is often inaccurate and out-of-sync, leading to additional inefficiencies and increased risk due to lingering access.

Introducing OneLogin Workflows and Universal Connector! A powerful new way to build complex identity automation at scale.

Deploy “low-code” custom logic to automate complex lifecycle management processes and streamline onboarding and offboarding across different systems and applications. Reduce risk, increase operational efficiency, and provide a unified experience across applications.

And for a limited time only we are offering customers a 25% discount off of Professional Services for your first OneLogin Workflows or Universal Connector deployment! Fill out the form to secure your discount today!

*25% off professional services is only valid for the workflow/universal connector deployment not our standard deploy packs or custom work. Offer is valid until September 10, 2021.