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Virgin Hyperloop Protects Its Intellectual Property by Leveraging OneLogin

Virgin Hyperloop Protects Its Intellectual Property by Leveraging OneLogin
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Virgin Hyperloop One is the only company in the world that has successfully tested its hyperloop technology at scale, launching the first new mode of mass transportation in over 100 years. 


Virgin Hyperloop One needed an identity and access management solution and they needed it fast. They needed a solution that could protect their intellectual property, centralize management of their cloud and on-premise applications, and would come from a vendor they could trust. The urgency came to the forefront when one of their other departments that had their own Shadow IT going on wanted to purchase another IAM solution. This department had integrated many of their applications with a competitor using a trial account and the trial was coming to an end. The VP of IT, Dawn Armstrong, wanted a vendor that would work as a true partner and could move at the speed that Virgin Hyperloop One is moving. She didn’t feel that the other vendor was going to meet these needs but that OneLogin could.

“At Hyperloop, we’re developing the fifth mode of transportation, so I need a vendor that is going to move as fast as we’re moving and I need a vendor that is going to be agile and work with me,” she says.

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One of the things I look for across all of my vendors is somebody who is going to support us as our needs change and our needs grow.

Dawn Armstrong, VP of IT


Virgin Hyperloop One’s primary goal was IP protection. “Our primary focus is protecting our intellectual property,” says Armstrong. She was especially concerned because company executives frequently travel abroad to locations known for stealing IP. They were also looking for a cloud-based IAM solution because as Armstrong stated, “We were using ADFS as our SSO iDP. We had no redundancy and we were reluctant to invest in a bunch of ADFS infrastructure to make it redundant. Switching to a cloud provider for application identity management allowed us to get resilient immediately.”

Armstrong wanted to keep the company’s 200 plus employees productive and improve the efficiency of her IT staff. She wanted an identity and access management (IAM) solution that could be implemented simply and quickly, but she didn’t want to settle when it came to choosing a partner. “One of the things I look for across all of my vendors is scalability - somebody who is going to support us as our needs change and our needs grow.”

Virgin Hyperloop One placed its trust in OneLogin to deliver a rapid yet simple implementation. In just thirty-six hours, OneLogin’s experts helped Virgin Hyperloop One move to the OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform.


Since deployment, the transportation company has grown from 200 to 300 employees, with an average of seven apps in the OneLogin portal to over fifty. OneLogin has made provisioning apps easy for Armstrong’s IT staff. The process of configuring SSO for applications before could take up to weeks to complete. Now they can add a new application in a couple of hours. In some cases it might take a couple of days but that is usually because of dealing with the Service Provider, not OneLogin. “The amount of effort that my team spends spinning up another app within OneLogin is really short.”

Hyperloop’s IT admins have found having a single place to view all users, their attributes and login events invaluable. They also appreciate how easy and quickly setting up MFA has been. Users have found the portal a convenient “one stop shop” to access their applications from.

Most importantly, Armstrong reports, “OneLogin allowed us to be comfortable with securing all of our intellectual property.” Virgin Hyperloop One applies policies to specific IP ranges to protect executives traveling to other countries, and uses OneLogin’s risk-scoring engine, Vigilance AI, and SmartFactor Authentication to automatically adjust the required authentication factors based on risk.


  • Provisioning, de-provisioning for 300 employees with an average of 50 apps each
  • Departing employees automatically and immediately de-provisioned
  • App provisioning almost completely automated
  • Intellectual property protected via Vigilance AI and SmartFactor Authentication