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5 Steps to Set up a Secure Remote Workforce During a Crisis with Identity and Access Management

Read this ebook to find out how to securely transition your business to a remote workforce where your employees can work from home.

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Over the past couple of decades we have seen the number of employees that work from home increase dramatically. Today, due to COVID-19 quarantine policies around the globe, many companies are faced with a new paradigm–employees must work from home for an undefined period of time.

At OneLogin, our primary focus is to enable your business to operate efficiently and securely.

Read this checklist to find out our 5 recommended essential steps to make this transition as painless as possible with OneLogin’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solution.

Step 1: Provide Easy Access to Applications

Step 2: Give Employees Multiple Ways to Communicate Quickly and Efficiently

Step 3: Implement a “Security First” Mindset

Step 4: Ensure Device Trust and Safety Flexible Authentication Policies

Step 5: Implement MFA