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The Emergence of Unified Access Management: A New Era for Enterprise Access Management.

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The Evolution of Access

Access Management technologies and strategic approaches have shifted over the last two decades in response to the evolution of workplace technologies. We see three distinct eras of Access Management.


On-Premises Access Management

Initially, Access Management solutions were designed for customer-managed applications including web apps hosted on-premises, at data centers, and, later, in private clouds. The Access Management solutions from this era, such as Computer Associates Siteminder® and Oracle Access Manager proved complex and expensive, and were not designed to address the growing adoption of cloud applications.


Cloud Adoption Leads to Access Fragmentation

As Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps gained traction in the workplace, organizations were now tasked with managing access to not one, but multiple application environments, including a portfolio of on-premises apps as well as a separate collection of cloud apps. Conventional Identity and Access Management tools forced organizations to manage access to these distinct environments, networks, and devices separately, leading to a fragmented Access Management approach that is plagued with complexity, redundancy, and high cost.


A New Approach with the OneLogin Unified Access Management Platform

The cloud-based OneLogin Unified Access Management Platform unifies access to both SaaS and on-premises applications, as well as a wide range of networks and devices. OneLogin makes it simpler and safer for everyone to access the apps and data they need, anytime and everywhere.

OneLogin Access

OneLogin Access extends the reach of the OneLogin Unified Access Management Platform to applications hosted on-premises, at remote data centers, and in private clouds. Customers enjoy simplified administration, reduced IT costs, improved security, and an optimized user experience.

OneLogin Access eliminates aging Access Management tools that are complex, expensive, and disconnected from modern SaaS environments. Through the OneLogin portal, users enjoy single-click access to SaaS and on-premise applications from any device.

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451 Research: The Emergence of Unified Access Management

The future of access is here. Download this 451 Research brief to learn how organizations struggle with their hybrid IT challenges, and how a unified approach can relieve existing IT pain points.

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Whitepaper: The Evolution of Access Management

Download this whitepaper to learn how Unified Access Management offers an unified approach to managing access for both SaaS and on-premises application environments.

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