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Best-in-Class Operational Efficiency

In today’s ever-changing IT environment, you need an Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform that delivers fast time-to-value and isn’t complicated to deploy. With OneLogin, you won’t get bogged down by long implementation times, lack of user adoption, or a complex user interface. OneLogin’s flexible platform helps Enterprises scale quickly on the path to digital transformation.

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Single Sign-On

Improve user productivity while increasing data security. With SSO, one set of credentials gives employees access to the apps they need—in the cloud and behind the firewall—on any device. Sensitive corporate data stays protected and secure with policy-driven password security, contextual access policies, and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Count on OneLogin MFA and policy-based access control to help keep your critical corporate data safe. OneLogin’s risk-based SmartFactor Authentication, driven by machine learning, calculates risk scores and dynamically adjusts authentication requirements to balance usability and security, so you have confidence that your data is protected in today’s perilous security landscape.

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Cloud Directory

OneLogin's directory provisioning—with integration to on-premise and cloud directories—lets you create, update, and remove users in multiple directories from a centralized source of truth, directly within OneLogin. Sync your directories and HR information, in real time, with identities across the organization.

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User Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Automate and streamline user management across apps, with straightforward user provisioning in the Unlimited Plan. Fast onboarding gives different users appropriate entitlements, and fast offboarding disables users within seconds, preventing unauthorized access.

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