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OneLogin Announces HydraBoost and Hits Industry-Leading Scalability Mark, Over 1 Million Requests Per Minute

October 1st, 2020

Leading competitors typically achieve around 150K to 500K per minute

SAN FRANCISCO, October 1, 2020 – OneLogin, the number one value leader in identity and access management, today announced HydraBoost with a live demo of recent tests of its login clusters revealing a sustained success rate of over one million requests per minute for a single cluster, on behalf of a single tenant. HydraBoost’s industry-leading scalability far outpaces leading competitors, who claim around 150,000 to 500,000 requests per minute, per tenant.

OneLogin’s Trusted Experience PlatformTM enables customers to log in quickly and efficiently across all applications, leveraging HydraBoost to authenticate more sessions than any leading competitor. With two HydraBoost regions in the U.S., OneLogin can coordinate two million evenly distributed requests per minute for a single tenant. OneLogin will deploy additional HydraBoost clusters later this year, which will double its capacity to four million requests per minute from a single tenant.

“OneLogin’s Trusted Experience platform is achieving unmatched levels of horizontal scalability in the identity and access management market,” said Bob Dickinson, Chief Technology Officer at OneLogin. “Our Hydra initiative combines the strengths of OneLogin’s architecture with modern site scaling and reliability approaches like containerization, microservices, orchestration, service mesh, dynamic clustering, and smart routing. HydraBoost is the first of many next-generation platform accomplishments from OneLogin. It fully ensures applications can withstand today’s enormous volumes of authentication requests. No other competitor offers this amount of scale.”

From the increase in remote work to virtual learning to the e-commerce boom, businesses need to ensure that they can support incredibly high volumes of traffic into their applications. Today’s digital landscape requires a secure, scalable, and smart IAM solution that can handle heavy loads of authentication traffic. OneLogin’s HydraBoost platform will provide the boost businesses need, no matter when they need it.

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