Introducing OneLogin HydraBoost: Industry-Leading Reliability & Scale

OneLogin is proud to announce HydraBoost, which demonstrates an unprecedented level of horizontal scalability in the Identity & Access Management (IAM) space. What makes this such a momentous occasion?

In today’s rapidly changing digital world, organizations rely on their IAM solutions to be able to seamlessly and securely handle large influxes of user logins. Whether businesses are preparing for a busy ecommerce day, like Black Friday, or for a viral product launch, they must ensure that their systems are prepared to handle large influxes of user logins and HydraBoost does just that.

Tomas Soukup, OneLogin’s Senior Director of Platform Engineering, demonstrated HydraBoost in action displaying live charts showing authentication request traffic generated by our performance test clients against a production OneLogin tenant. He notes, as we breeze by the throughput limitation of two of our competitors, that we can handle an ever-increasing load.

Ramping to the final target, Tomas demonstrates HydraBoost reaching unmatched levels of 1 million authentication requests per minute! He also notes and proves that HydraBoost is capable of sustaining this level overtime without any issues. This powerful demo shows how OneLogin can easily scale and handle this load without impacting any tenant. Ready to see this for yourself?

Our Hydra architecture currently has two Hydra regions in the United States, each with its own Login Cluster, which are able to handle two million requests per minute for a single tenant (if evenly distributed). We will be deploying additional Login Clusters to each region later this year, doubling that number to four million requests per minute from a single tenant! HydraBoost is just one of the many benefits and announcements to follow as part of our Hydra architecture. Project Hydra is an initiative that combines the strengths of the OneLogin architecture with modern site scaling and reliability approaches to achieve new levels of reliability and performance.

Businesses need a solution that will scale with them, no matter the growth. OneLogin, the #1 Value Leader in Identity & Access Management, is here to give businesses the boost they need, when they need it. Want to learn more? Schedule a customized demo today to see our platform in action.

About the Author

Alexa Slinger

Alexa Slinger is a Product Marketing Manager for OneLogin and has five years of experience in Identity & Access Management, in both the government and private sector. Her educational background is in Business & IT Management, and prior to IAM she spent seven years in sales, marketing & training roles.

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