Zero Trust Identity Is Not A Zero-Sum Game: New Webinar Featuring Forrester Now Available On-Demand

December 12th, 2013   |     |  Smarter Identity

Right now, cloud adoption is soaring as more and more companies store sensitive information online and utilize cloud-based applications to conduct business. This extended enterprise setting is providing great opportunities for growth and expansion, but at the same time is posing a series of challenges and pitfalls for companies knee-deep in this new business landscape.

As Principal Analyst serving Security & Risk Professionals Eve Maler of Forrester Research explained in a recent OneLogin webinar titled “Zero Trust Identity Is Not A Zero-Sum Game”, businesses need to adapt to the online identity and access management (IAM) issues of today’s ultra-connected world.

As the name suggests, a zero-trust identity mentality involves treating each access request with the same level of suspicion—whether it comes from inside of the enterprise or from outside. Maler offered the following key takeaways that businesses need to be aware of when it comes to effectively managing online identities and corporate information in the cloud:

  • Tight user IDs and access management solutions that used to work no longer do in the hybrid and extended enterprise world that we live in
  • The BYOD movement needs to be thought of in terms of identities—not just mobile devices
  • Complexity online is the enemy of security—the more people have access to the end point of an enterprise, the greater risk your company will be taking
  • Threats can come from anywhere in an organization—inside or out
  • Single sign-on (SSO) and mobile-based strong authentication are a great combination for bolstering security—the password is not going anywhere any time soon
  • The traditional market for user authentication has been upended

Even if you missed the webinar, there is still time to get all of the details about how you can better manage applications in an insecure world. To access the Dec. 5 webinar and to listen to how eModeration overcame its challenges and implemented a secure identity management solution that helped increase agent productivity, watch our webinar Zero Trust Identity Is Not A Zero-Sum Game here for free.

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