Seeing is Believing - Key Cloud IAM Use Cases In Action

May 15th, 2015   |     |  smarter identity

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and perhaps even more compelling is video. In the abstracted world of cloud where platforms and concepts evolve into meaningful product, the challenge is translating all this technology into tangible business value for the customer. This is where video comes in- show me!

Value can be linked to successful implementation and user acceptance (the old TCO model for example), which in many cases is grounded on ease of management and use. Ensuring a positive user experience, be it an IT administrator or an end user in the Sales department, is critical to a cloud application’s success. Showing this through video has proven time and time again to help illustrate ease of deployment, management, and use.

When you’re dealing with the challenges of bridging on-premises directories and cloud applications, onboarding hundreds to thousands of users (including employees, contractors, vendors, partners, and customers) against hundreds of cloud applications, and ensuring the appropriate access controls are in place per policy, having a video reference that quickly and convincingly addresses common use cases and questions will support user education and accelerate decision making. Enjoy the following short videos to see OneLogin in action:

  • Extending Active Directory (AD) to the Cloud
    AD is the predominant user directory and IT system of record, thus success in the cloud is predicated on a powerful integration that extends AD outside the firewall.

  • Onboarding Users quickly by automating Cloud App Provisioning
    Onboarding and offboarding users quickly requires IT be responsive to service requests for provisioning or de-provisioning. Automating the addition or deletion of a user from a cloud app based on actions within AD saves time and reduces errors.

  • Providing additional Authentication Factors beyond Username and Password
    Given today’s security landscape and scope of credential theft, implementing multiple factors of authentication is really a mandatory layer of protection to safeguard business critical data.

  • Simplifying the Migration to Office 365
    Microsoft Office is clearly the leading business productivity application, and transitioning users from on-premises to Office 365 in the cloud is a big project. Making this as simple as possible brings these services to users faster, and reduces the burden on IT.

Stay tuned for more exciting online videos and animated graphics from OneLogin because we know this media channel is one of the best tools to help educate people interested in our company, our market (the Identity as a Service segment of the IAM domain), and our product.

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Chip Epps joined OneLogin in 2014 to help advance cloud security initiatives and the evolution of identity and access management. Having worked previously at Symantec, Trend Micro, and Websense he focused on securing virtual data centers and implementing SaaS-based compliance solutions. Prior to a career in security, Chip worked at Peregrine Systems (now HP), promoting ITSM and service management within a dynamic IT environment.

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