Hermitage Medical Clinic Enables Remote Work With OneLogin SSO and OneLogin MFA

When the pandemic hit, Hermitage Clinic in Ireland was prepared to support employees working from home. The specialized medical teams at this 101-bed, state-of-the-art hospital are supported by the very latest medical technology as they provide medical, surgical, and advanced radiotherapy care to patients. Though some employees sometimes work remotely, it’s not the norm for a medical clinic. With OneLogin in place, Hermitage Clinic didn’t miss a beat.

Enabling a hybrid work model

To support its cloud-first strategy and ensure a good user experience for all, the clinic had already implemented OneLogin Single Sign-On (SSO) and OneLogin Protect. When the pandemic hit, a greater number of staff began working from home, including those in finance, IT, heads of departments, and administrators. “We shifted to a hybrid model, where we rotate certain staff to work in the clinic some days and from home the other days,” explains Wilhelm Pettersson, Head of Digital Change for Hermitage Clinic.

To support the shift, the IT team decided to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and login to its Global Protect VPN via OneLogin.

Providing secure, simple access to applications

Today, staff and physicians access a variety of applications via OneLogin. This includes Outlook Web Access for email, eLearning, VPN, Qlik Sense, Mediclaim, Zoom for meetings + telemedicine, and the expanded Salesforce platform.

OneLogin SSO enables people to access applications without knowing their usernames and passwords. “This is a huge win for our users. They just click on OneLogin and can access all needed applications,” explains Pettersson.

Once additional staff members began working from home, the clinic naturally saw a rise in users logging in via OneLogin. As Pettersson explains, remote working is a foreign concept in the healthcare industry, but OneLogin eased the transition. Plus, it gave the IT team some peace of mind. Now, when someone is not on the hospital network, working from home, or a physician at another hospital is trying to remotely access an application, they will need to complete the MFA request to gain access. “MFA is applied, so we know only the right people are securely accessing our applications.”

Foreseeing a new way of working

Though Hermitage Clinic was forced into remote work like many other organizations, this new model may be here to stay. As Petterson explains, supported by a cloud-first strategy and digital tools, such as Zoom, the organization’s staff can continue operating without interruption. In fact, Pettersson is a strong supporter of remote working.

“I believe this hybrid model is more reflective of our modern world and our new clinic culture. With the right leadership and solutions, like OneLogin, we can confidently pursue this vision that aligns with the way the world is headed,” he concludes.

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