How the British Red Cross is Saving Lives During Times of Difficulty & Crisis

Here at OneLogin, as a customer-focused organization, you can rest assured that we’re doing everything possible to ensure the security of our customers and their users during the COVID-19 crisis. While we’re not on the frontlines of the pandemic, one of our customers is, the British Red Cross. We’re proud to highlight the work they’re doing to help flatten the curve during this intense moment in history.

The Red Cross Global Response

Red Cross Societies around the world are rushing to the aid of essential healthcare workers. From Nicaragua to the Netherlands, Red Cross volunteers have stepped in to help in every way they can. Whether it’s with screenings, issuing hundreds of thousands of PPE for medical staff, protective glass, or disinfectants, distributing meals to those who’ve lost work, or running a helpline for the public, the Red Cross is doing everything they can to help in this worldwide crisis.

In Bangladesh, Red Crescent volunteers are helping disinfect public spaces like bus stations and other frequently traveled areas. There they have distributed over 8,000 masks to the staff working at the world’s largest refugee camp, Cox’s Bazar.

The British Red Cross

In an effort to help support the most vulnerable in the UK, the British Red Cross (BRC) has launched a campaign called “Kindness Will Keep Us Together.” This campaign is meant to provide a safety net of services and outreach to those who are socially isolated, homeless, or in other vulnerable circumstances. It’s also a message to encourage human kindness and a sense of community during these isolating times.

The BRC has come to the aid of the National Health Service (NHS) within the UK to assist the most vulnerable populations in the area. They’ve organized food delivery to frontline staff and those in self-isolation to help support containment efforts.

The BRC is working hard with the international Red Cross network to serve those residing in refugee camps across the world. “We are deeply concerned about those suffering in severe humanitarian crises,” said Alexander Matheou, Executive Director of International at the British Red Cross.

With more than 70 million people displaced by war or other horrendous conflicts in their home countries, the problem is a lot harder to contain. Camps in Bangladesh, Greece, Jordan, and Kenya are struggling to maintain social distancing and proper sanitation practices, due to space and resource issues, and the Red Cross is doing all they can to provide aid to these populations. Matheou references the BRC as an example of how the International Red Cross is adapting its crisis response programs to provide support to these vulnerable populations and across the globe during the pandemic.

Supporting the Efforts

The BRC implemented OneLogin to help their remote staff stay connected safely as they’re deployed across the globe to help during a crisis. The portal grants BRC volunteers and workers access to email and Office 365, the RedRoom, IT support, SAVi Self Service, Fuse for learning and development, and iCentral for travel booking. Read more about BRC’s digital transformation story.

We’re proud to serve our customers and provide a tool to help better enable them to do the important work of saving lives and educating the public on how to deal with all manner of issues during these trying times. For more information on how the BRC is helping during the coronavirus pandemic, visit the RedCross UK Emergency Response.

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