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Every physical product that we buy in a store or online is manufactured somewhere. There are manufacturing plants, mills, factories, assembly lines – you name it – all over the globe. Within these walls, manufacturing businesses have stayed at the forefront of evolution, adopting robotics and next-gen technologies, to increase efficiency, productivity and decrease production costs. However, when the global COVID-19 pandemic hit, manufacturers realized that while their investments in technology helped streamline internal operations, they were behind the curve when it came to digital transformation of their entire enterprise.

Digital Transformation Challenges Faced by Manufacturers in the Pandemic

On top of the additional safety and health precautions that manufacturers had to put in place to protect their frontline workers, they were also faced with the need to infuse digital technology across all areas of the business. Manufacturers, like other industries, had to transition office workers to a remote work environment, while factory workers and other onsite employees began to work in shifts to oblige physical distance requirements. As a result, manufacturers were confronted with challenges because of their outdated IT hardware and software and struggled to find the balance between keeping their supply chain moving, maintaining a strong security posture and meeting the digital needs of a global pandemic.

Legacy systems have long been a pain point for the manufacturing industry, and rightfully so. According to the 2019 Gartner report, CIO Agenda: Heavy Manufacturing Industry Insights, digital enablement was reported as a top business priority for the coming year. However, insufficient numbers of IT and business resources was the top barrier to achieving their objectives. How do you balance the needs to digitally transform alongside business priorities, where driving revenue and business growth are number one?

How OneLogin Helps Manufacturers Solve Their Identity Needs

Enter OneLogin, the #1 Value Leader in the Identity and Access Management space and a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management. OneLogin helps manufacturers by centralizing and simplifying identity management across your enterprise. Implementing OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform™ will reduce costs, accelerate migration to the cloud, and secure valuable trade secrets and intellectual property.

  • First things first, we can help manufacturers get those legacy systems secured. With OneLogin Access, manufacturers can simply and reliably secure on-prem applications, like Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, or Jira, in data centers and private clouds. If there is a need to replace a costly and difficult legacy WAM (Web Access Management) solution like CA Siteminder or Oracle Access Manager, OneLogin Access has manufacturers covered.
  • Next, we will unify access across their on-prem and cloud applications using the OneLogin Single-Sign On solution. By centralizing access across the enterprise to this one location, manufacturers will be able to utilize features such as policy-driven password security, multi-factor authentication and context aware adaptive authentication to ensure only authorized users get access to valuable data. We know manufacturers operate globally, so we support over 21 languages ensuring all users will have an optimized experience.
  • Then, manufacturers will have the ability to easily monitor for threats and unapproved access, in addition to closing the loop on identity compliance. By centralizing access to the OneLogin solution, they can utilize our built-in reporting engine to drill down on users, apps and event records. We have a dozen built in standard reports, as well as the capability to build custom reports that meet their exact specifications.

It’s just that simple. OneLogin is here to support the manufacturing industry as they accelerate the digital transformation of their enterprise. Don’t just take our word for it! Read our customer story on Steelcase, the largest office manufacturer in the world, which reviews how we secured their 37,000 users and helped them get a handle on shadow IT. Want to take a first hand look at how OneLogin can help secure your manufacturing organization? Schedule a custom demo today!

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Alexa Slinger

Alexa Slinger is a Product Marketing Manager for OneLogin and has five years of experience in Identity & Access Management, in both the government and private sector. Her educational background is in Business & IT Management, and prior to IAM she spent seven years in sales, marketing & training roles.

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