OneLogin Benefits & Features

The Starter plan for OneLogin includes all the key features a growing business needs

Easy App Access

Productivity is key. OneLogin’s superior user experience and catalog of 5000+ pre-integrated apps makes it easy to add your company’s apps and enable single sign-on to provide the right, secure access for each user. That’s smart security.

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Single Sign-On

Users can access all their apps by logging in just once. Whether it’s from the desktop, smartphone, or tablet, users can access applications through a single set of credentials. Users can find all their apps in one place and don’t have to try to remember multiple passwords. Administrators have the assurance of secure sign-in for all their users.

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Directory Integration

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using an on-premise or cloud directory. OneLogin integrates with popular directories such as Active Directory, Workday, G Suite, and more. Synchronize users with your directory and then manage them directly from OneLogin. Don’t have a directory? No problem. Import users via a CSV or manually add them. OneLogin offers the flexibility growing businesses need.

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Custom Branding

Make it your own by using your own custom branding. You can replace the default OneLogin logo with your own logo, change the look and feel of the web interface by using your own brand color, add custom text on the login screen, add internal help and support options, and override the styles and text for email notifications using CSS.

Mobile Single Sign-On

Chances are, your employees are working on-the-go. You need an agile solution that enables easy access all the time. OneLogin enables single sign-on (SSO) from mobile devices, so users can access company apps wherever they are, from any device.

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