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OneLogin proudly announces FedRAMP Ready status

OneLogin has FedRamp Ready status

Find out what’s driving the unified access management imperative.

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The Challenge

Budget constraints, compliance requirements, and a better user experience

Federal agencies are undergoing the same digital transformation as the private sector, including moving to the cloud and rapidly adopting online applications to improve efficiency and the user experience. That means most agencies work with a mix of systems hosted in a range of environments, including public cloud, private cloud, and on-prem. Maintaining security and efficiency in this digital transition presents an increasing number of Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) challenges - as does providing seamless access to these many systems without blowing the IT budget. ICAM solutions are imperative to address the growing data management, interoperability, and cybersecurity challenges federal agencies face today.

The Solution

ICAM offers security, efficiency, and a superior experience

OneLogin’s Federated ICAM solution creates an additional tier connecting between SaaS applications to corporate directories. Increase security, reduce costs, and unify control.

OneLogin provides automated user lifecycle management, including onboarding/offboarding and provisioning/ deprovisioning, as well as self-service password reset. Users have single sign-on (SSO) access to all the systems they need: whether on-prem, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. And you can implement strong security policies to protect your agency against inappropriate or risky access and cybercrime. OneLogin enables the digital transformation of your agency while helping you stay secure and providing the modern user experience that constituents expect.

Federal agencies are moving to the cloud—but the move isn’t worry free

OneLogin commissioned a survey of IT leaders in Federal agencies to understand the current and future IT landscape. The results show that agencies are moving to the cloud rapidly—but they have concerns about preparedness and how the human factor could create security risks.

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State of Federal IT Security


The OneLogin Unified Identity and Access Management Platform for Federal Agencies


State of Federal IT Move to the Cloud


How Can OneLogin Help Your Agency?

Migrating to the cloud

Accelerate cloud migration

Extend identity and access management functionality to your growing SaaS portfolio. Manage cloud-based directories and apps more easily and reduce your dependency on resource-intensive legacy systems.

Centralized management

Streamline access management

Centralize management of your cloud and on-prem apps and directories for all users. Automate processes and enforce Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

SmartFactor Authentication

Strengthen security

Use SmartFactor Authentication™ to enforce access policies based on user, locations, and applications as well as dozens of additional variables for ultimate identity assurance.

Self-service password resets

Reduce helpdesk requests

Enable self-service password reset to reduce helpdesk requests by 50% or more. Accelerate app roll-out and permission changes.


Ensure compliance

Exhibit access management best practices to aid compliance with NIST SP-800-171 and SP-800-63: enforce granular access control, generate access management reports, and export login event data for analysis.

User productivity

Improve the user experience

Onboard employees faster and improve productivity through single sign-on to all apps, while giving constituents access to approved systems quickly, with a modern customer experience.

Secure Access to the Apps your Agency Uses

How Can OneLogin Help Your Agency?