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Office 365

Single Sign-In for Office 365 with OneLogin
Office 365

The Challenge

You are tasked with deploying Office 365 to your organization. In addition to challenges in migration from older Office versions and configuring applications such as OneDrive and Skype for Business for the entire company, you also need to manage licensing and provide secure access to the right people with the right privileges in place. Setting up accounts manually, keeping track of correct licenses and privileges, can be daunting, highly time consuming, and expensive.

The Solution

OneLogin helps address these challenges.

OneLogin helps address these challenges.

OneLogin helps address these challenges. With OneLogin, admins can add new applications within minutes, and grant access to all corporate applications instantaneously and automatically by simply assigning users to the right corporate role. Departed users are automatically deprovisioned with an instant ‘kill switch’ in order to protect company resources from unwarranted access. Users can self-register additional authentication factors, and using OneLogin’s user portal they can easily find all their corporate applications in one place and launch them with a single click.

Four simple steps to securely roll out Office 365:

Sign up for a OneLogin account.

It takes only a couple of minutes to create a new OneLogin account which you can immediately started to configure.

Connect OneLogin to your corporate directory.

OneLogin can work as a standalone directory but can also be connected to additional corporate directories such as Active Directory or an LDAP directory, typically within 5-10 minutes.

Define basic roles for your organization.

Role-based assignment is the easiest way to organize your users and grant them immediate application access. You can assign roles to users manually or automatically based on existing attributes such as AD groups.

Add Office 365 as a corporate application for your organization.

Using a secure sign-in standard called SAML, admins can configure access to almost any corporate application within a few minutes. Unlike other vendors, OneLogin offers OneClick for Office 365, which completely eliminates manual SAML configuration.

Share with your users

Next, share with your users the link to OneLogin so they can sign in once with their corporate credentials and with a single click launch Office 365 or any other corporate application. They can also navigate directly to Office 365 which would guide them to an easy SSO page. If they are already logged into OneLogin or even your Active Directory domain, they do not need to input credentials at all.

Unlock productivity

Once you have OneLogin fully configured, all your users can have instantaneous access to any corporate application you add. OneLogin provides the platform to unlock productivity and improve your identity and access management integrations in many ways, such as quickly adding authentication factors, sign-in once on Mac or Windows computers, prepare access reports for security audits, and even secure network on VPN or office wifi.


If I were to describe OneLogin in a word, it would be simplicity. The end user experience is simple, with pain-free access to the apps needed, and from the admin side, we can roll out integrations quickly and neatly.

JOHN HLUBOKY VP Technical Operations

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