OneLogin CIAM

Deliver the experience your customers crave

Secure, simple customer identity and access management (CIAM)

OneLogin CIAM

Engage customers while keeping them secure

Give customers the seamless, simple experience they demand while providing the security that customer transactions require. One customer identity management solution for your many channels.

IAM improves customer experience

Deliver simple, elegant customer experiences

Nothing should stand between your customers and the products and services you provide. OneLogin ensures fast, convenient login for customers while also opening the door to further engagement.

CIAM improves data security

Protect customer data

75 percent of consumers say they won’t do business with retailers or companies that they can’t trust with their data. OneLogin protects your customers and your company with options such as MFA, biometrics, and risk-based authentication.

CIAM can be branded and customized

Customize and extend

Brand OneLogin with your logo, colors, and more. Use OneLogin’s APIs to integrate any app with ease, so you can deliver the customized, personalized experience that most benefits your business and your customers.

The OneLogin CIAM Solution

Our platform uses these key capabilities to enable you to manage customer identities easily.

Single Sign-On

Cloud Directory

Multi-Factor Authentication

Developer Tools

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Scalable CIAM

Scalability and reliability

OneLogin offers the scale required to support millions of constant customer transactions. Our customer identity and access management system is highly responsive and provides 24/7, 365 day availability.

Security, without burdening customers

Single sign-on, including social sign-on, ensures fast access. Multi-factor and risk-based authentication ensures security without slowing down customers.


A seamless customer experience

OneLogin’s Single Sign-on (SSO) with SAML lets you integrate your custom apps and third-party systems into the customer experience, so that customers access them without ever having to login again.

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