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Secure AWS

Protect your investment. Password spray, or “brutespray,” attacks are commonly used by hackers to penetrate systems and gain unauthorized access to accounts. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-on (SSO) using SAML are critical first steps in securing your AWS deployment against these attacks.

Secure AWS

Protect AWS with Multi-Factor Authentication

AWS strongly recommends configuring Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all user accounts.

As an APN Advanced Technology Partner, OneLogin integrates with AWS to provide strong, risk-based MFA for an additional layer of security that won’t slow down your business or burden your users.



  • Move beyond the password

    Passwords are the weak link in your security chain. Reinforce traditional passwords with more secure authentication factors.

  • Contextual security won’t slow you down

    Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication uses risk analysis powered by machine-learning and customizable access policies to require MFA only in high-risk situations.

  • Biometrics authentication for ultimate security

    Login to AWS using biometric factors including fingerprints and Apple Face ID.



  • Simple user administration

    Administrate from anywhere with our responsive, web-based admin portal. Built-in automation, best practices, and training are provided — no servers or computer science degrees required.

  • Deployments measured in minutes, not months

    Implement and roll out to users rapidly with templatized solutions.

  • Flexible factors for easy authentication

    Use authentication factors including OneLogin Protect, the enterprise-grade MFA iOS & Android app, one-time SMS codes, and phone call-based voice authentication.

End user experience

End user experience

  • Always up-to-date

    Delivered as a service, OneLogin MFA is continuously updated so you always have the latest and greatest security.

  • Login less, work more

    Machine-learning evaluates risk factors including typical user behavior, and only challenges users for MFA in risky situations.

  • Self-serve support

    Minimize cost and disruption. Intuitive self-serve device enrollment and management streamlines deployment, accelerates adoption, and reduces helpdesk support.

    Resolve your security challenges

    The strategic planning, financials, and confidential business information that lives in AWS represents the core of your business - and the most sensitive data in your organization.

    Account Takeover

    Passwords alone are not enough - you need MFA to prevent brute spray or password replay attacks.

    Security vs. Usability

    Unlock the benefits of the cloud without sacrificing security.


    Protect in-scope data and maintain an audit trail of access.


    Add security without complex IT-dependant projects, or interrupting current workflows.

    The AWS recommended security strategy

    AWS recommends MFA as the primary means of protecting all user accounts: “MFA adds extra security because it requires users to provide unique authentication from an AWS supported MFA mechanism in addition to their regular sign-in credentials when they access AWS websites or services.”

    OneLogin seamlessly integrates with AWS to provide an additional layer of security when accessing company data anytime, anywhere.

    Secure authentication for AWS

    Simplify and protect AWS access with a single, secure authentication path for users.


    • Replace weak, text-based passwords with SAMLthe best-in-class authentication method.
    • Centralized access: Funnel login attempts to one, central tollgate for comprehensive visibility and a central policy enforcement point.
    • Enforce security controls: MFA, password complexity requirements, password rotation frequency.


    • Single destination for users to access AWS on any device, from any location.
    • Simplify management and reporting: know who accessed AWS with a complete audit trail of all login activity.
    • OneLogin’s out-of-the-box AWS connector takes just minutes to set up.
    Painless implementation

    Painless implementation

    Get started with our expert professional services staff and implementation resources.

    We help you:

    • Prioritize your most critical applications.
    • Configure a solution tailored to your needs.
    • Streamline the change management process to deploy rapidly and simplify user adoption.

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