Amazon Web Services + OneLogin starter kit
  • Mastering AWS IAM Starter Kit

    Securing access to your Amazon Web Services environment is critical, but it’s not an easy task when you have multiple AWS environments and roles across multiple teams and individuals. Learn how to adopt AWS IAM best practices with ease.

Mastering AWS IAM Starter Kit

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of your most critical resources. As your company grows, your AWS environment becomes more and more complex. AWS provides a number of identity and access management (IAM) tools and best practices to help with this, but it can be difficult to have the visibility and control you need. This collection of resources will help you take AWS IAM best practices and automate them for improved AWS IAM visibility, efficiency, and security.

AWS OneLogin datasheet


Gain an understanding of how OneLogin extends AWS IAM and benefits AWS administrators with increased security and productivity.

AWS whitepaper


Get an in-depth view on how to scale and secure your AWS environment—ways to better implement AWS IAM tools, strategies for reliable access security, and functions to automate.

AWS demo video

Demo Video

Watch how easy it is for AWS admins to use OneLogin to manage and allocate AWS IAM policies without sacrificing visibility or developer productivity.

AWS Identity and Access Management webinar

On-Demand Webinar

AWS Solution Architect and OneLogin IAM experts discuss AWS IAM pitfalls and best practices for gaining AWS security and visibility for your AWS environment.

OneLogin for AWS

OneLogin for AWS (FREE)

New to OneLogin? OneLogin for AWS is free. Get the best of OneLogin - including SSO, MFA, Role-based provisioning - for use with your AWS investment.

AWS infographic


Get a fun and educational infographic for securing your AWS environments — a structured approach and checklist for protecting access to your AWS accounts in a single page.


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