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OneLogin, Jamf and BetterCloud Partnerships Helps IT Admins Empower a Work Anywhere Strategy

Jamf, OneLogin and BetterCloud together empower IT admins to efficiently onboard and support users in the office or from the safety of home.

It's a brave new world. As the perimeter expands, IT and Security teams need new strategies to manage and secure users’ devices, identities and applications. In addition, the ability to work anywhere is no longer optional: it is a must.

With Jamf, OneLogin, and BetterCloud, extend our advanced workflows to SaaS applications to make it easy for employees to Work Anywhere. Our joint solutions will help you to:

  • Gain control of and visibility across your devices, identities, and applications
  • Deliver a seamless remote onboarding experience across Apple devices
  • Protect against insider threats with security-focused policies and workflows
  • Automate the offboarding process so that it is secure and auditable

“We look forward to integrating OneLogin, BetterCloud, and Jamf solutions to further automate onboarding and offboarding processes and increase security. For example, we’ll be able to create a workflow between the three products to automatically lock user access to their work laptop and applications during offboarding.”
– Rob Barrett, Workplace Tech Lead Engineer for Curve

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