High Sierra Support for OneLogin Desktop

Take your foot off the brakes and hit the accelerator with your High Sierra upgrades when using OneLogin Desktop for Mac. Apple changed security libraries for the API we used for key generation. What appeared to be a locked Desktop installer was instead glacieral key generation. We’ve worked around that OS issue by using a different API for key generation. Read More »

October 25th, 2017

OneLogin Protect v3.3.4

It’s back based by popular demand! In a previous release, we removed the “SEND OTP” capability from the manual code panel. User feedback suggested that we review this decision. We did, and we can see value in reintroducing the “SEND OTP” ability. So, if for some reason your push notification as funky, and you need to enter the code to authentication, feel free to use the “SEND OTP” mechanism instead of manually entering the code yourself. Read More »

October 25th, 2017

How and why to get off ADFS: Four companies explain

Here’s what I learned after talking with four of our customers about their journey to migrate off ADFS and onto cloud identity and access management. These included a diverse set of organizations: a large construction materials firm, a global industrial manufacturer, and a mobile enterprise SaaS company, and a university.

October 12th, 2017  /   Thomas Bayens   /  smarter identity