Fusing Zoom And OneLogin Gives You Immense Control Over Your Security

April 23rd, 2014   |     |  Product & Technology

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From locks and keys to passwords and cyphers, we’ve always been striving to keep our possessions safe, whether these possessions are jewelry or cloud accounts. However, the advent and expansion of the cloud itself has presented a problem with this whole username/password phenomenon. It will become clear to you with one simple question: If you had a different password for every account you had on the cloud, would you be able to recall each one without a single hitch?

The cloud is literally stretching human tolerance for remembering passwords. Now, you have to solve the problem of organizing them. Of course, if you have passwords stored somewhere digitally, they will eventually fall into the wrong hands. But what if you didn’t have to involve a password? This is what security assertion markup language (SAML) authentication is all about. We at Zoom have partnered with OneLogin to bring you the ability to get into multiple applications without having to input a password. The concept, known as Single Sign-On (SSO), relies on SAML to get people into their websites without having to ever reveal their passwords to any server.

How OneLogin Logs You Into Zoom

If you’ve ever started an application on Facebook or Twitter using an app identifier and secret key, the concept of SAML is a little similar in that it doesn’t involve passwords to get two different services to interact. SAML authentication involves two parties: the identity provider (IdP; in this case, OneLogin) and the service provider (SP; Zoom, in this instance).

Once you add Zoom to OneLogin, it will ask Zoom for identity assertion. This means that it will want to log in through your account in Zoom, and it’s asking for permission to do so. Zoom will then send that identity assertion back once it knows that you’re you, and you’re the person using OneLogin to access your account. Once that is all said and done, you’ll be able to log in to your Zoom account without any passwords.

What’s The Advantage?

It’s pretty hard not to see an advantage in this process. Users no longer need to remember their passwords, businesses don’t need to use in-house solutions that can degrade eventually, and IT engineers don’t have to fret over vulnerabilities that allow hackers to tap into the company’s identity stores. Everyone wins except the hacker. And now, you can integrate Zoom with your OneLogin platform to throw some of that security into your favorite video meeting solution!

SAML operates through the HTTP protocol, meaning that there’s no added software involved. Also, it eliminates risk at the in-house level by removing the need for Active Directory or any other LDAP-based service. Through SAML, Zoom gives OneLogin the user account information it needs to get the folks you have registered with us on board. It’s much simpler than adding every single individual user account to the platform. Like this, you get everything done from the get-go with a few clicks.

Simply put, it’s the maglev of the authentication world. Since you don’t have to depend on application logic and local platform architectures to get SSO working, your information is more independently accessible and you can start having employees log in through other devices (such as those shiny tablets and smartphones everyone seems to be carrying around nowadays).

Also, relying on OneLogin for identity access management takes the burden of maintaining your account secure from Zoom’s hands and gives you an all-around more secure experience. While Zoom focuses on delivering a sterling video meeting experience, OneLogin ensures that this experience is free from any compromise on your identity.

Zoom + OneLogin = Ultimate Security In Video Conferencing

With both Zoom and OneLogin, you get an ironclad secure sign-on process coupled with end-to-end encryption at the handshake stage of your video call. This stops just short of having armed guards next to your computer.

We’ve approached video conferencing with the philosophy of making it as easy for you as possible to enjoy your meetings without having to compromise on anything. Now, with this partnership, you won’t have to settle for a regular login. You can literally Zoom right into Zoom!

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