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August 14th, 2015   |     |  company news

Last week OneLogin kicked off a recruiting campaign aimed at attracting engineers to our home office in San Francisco. Our ads placed in the BART public transit stations showed several OneLogin engineers telling their stories about working at OneLogin.

Then… unintended consequences! The subsequent viral response on social channels and mainstream media, triggered in part by reaction to #ilooklikeanengineer, has brought attention to the issue of diversity in the technology industry, particularly in Silicon Valley.

The broader subject of diversity is an important topic that deserves thoughtful discussion. This issue not only concerns OneLogin, but also our employees, partners and customers.

Diversity fosters Acceptance

Society at large should be reflected in today’s workforce. The high tech industry draws some of the most brilliant minds from around the world to areas like San Francisco, where OneLogin is headquartered. Acknowledging and accepting this reality, and embracing diversity is core to our culture. Treating employees equally, regardless of their backgrounds, country of origin, race or ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, enables us to proactively seek the best candidates without prejudice.

Acceptance promotes Inclusion

Creating and maintaining a work environment where people feel culturally and socially accepted and welcomed instills a sense of belonging. Feeling respected and valued in the workplace allows for a supportive environment and a sense of community to emerge. OneLogin encourages employees to collaborate and excel, which in turn creates a higher performing organization where motivation and morale soar.

Inclusion instills Trust

Trust is a social contract between individuals and among groups. It represents a capacity to rely on people, and is a pivotal part of healthy, productive team relationships. It’s been shown that the quality of one’s interpersonal relationships and overall well being are enhanced through trust. Promoting healthy working relations and teamwork is a vital component of OneLogin’s culture.

Trust drives Innovation

Trust essentially suspends disbelief, removes roadblocks, and allows for actions that would otherwise be too complex to be considered, i.e. the dreaded paralysis of inaction. Embracing risk and experimentation in a consequence free environment leads to innovation, which is at the root of all technological advances. It is through this innovation and ability to find new ways to solve problems that OneLogin hopes to retain its competitive differentiation, and continue its growth.

Innovation leads to Better Products

While not intending to be amiss of the diversity goals that drive our organization, the reality is that our people want to create better solutions, be better partners to our vendors and channel, and be the best service provider to our customers. It’s why we are in this business. Collectively, regardless of gender, race, age, etc, WE ARE ONELOGIN. And we build the best Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offering in the industry.

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Chip Epps joined OneLogin in 2014 to help advance cloud security initiatives and the evolution of identity and access management. Having worked previously at Symantec, Trend Micro, and Websense he focused on securing virtual data centers and implementing SaaS-based compliance solutions. Prior to a career in security, Chip worked at Peregrine Systems (now HP), promoting ITSM and service management within a dynamic IT environment.

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