Vision Critical Extends Microsoft Active Directory to Cloud Applications, Increasing Security and Employee Productivity

April 2nd, 2013   |     |  Smarter Identity

“I love being able to assign applications to OneLogin Groups because it allows me to control access to each application via Active Directory. And if someone leaves the company, I can turn off access to all apps at once. That’s both good security and good housekeeping.”

Hieg Khatcherian | Manager of Information Systems at Vision Critical

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Hieg Khatcherian, Manager of Information Systems at Vision Critical, about how he’s using Active Directory and OneLogin to increase security and employee productivity. For those of you that don’t know, Vision Critical is the world’s leading provider of insight communities, currently supporting over 650 brands worldwide including one third of the world’s top 100 brands. With offices across the globe in North America, Europe, Australia and Hong Kong, Vision Critical leads the world in interactive research.

Using OneLogin, Vision Critical quickly extended Active Directory to the Cloud, providing access to applications through a secure portal, eliminating the costs and resources associated with managing passwords and resolving password-related issues.

Connecting Active Directory to a dozen cloud applications

Vision Critical employees access about a dozen different SaaS-based applications daily. The company was managing passwords manually, and needed a simpler, less time-consuming solution that would extend Active Directory to those cloud-based applications. “I didn’t want users to have to know more than one path to get to the apps they needed,” said Khatcherian.

Another driver was ensuring security during user provisioning and de-provisioning. “When a person leaves the company, I wanted to be able to turn off access to all apps at once.” Khatcherian’s team evaluated several solutions, including Ping and Symplified, but decided on OneLogin because of its ease of use and simple integration.

“The on-premise solutions, even the ones that had cloud add-ons, were too cumbersome and costly to integrate with our cloud applications,” said Khatcherian. “We wanted it to be easy.”

Rolling out Active Directory and OneLogin

Vision Critical deployed OneLogin in June of 2011, eliminating the burden and security risk of individual passwords. “To start, we rolled out Citrix ShareFile across the entire enterprise without any problems. The rest of our apps quickly followed, and all authentication is now handled by OneLogin,” said Khatcherian.

Group-based sign-on provides access control via Active Directory

OneLogin enables Khatcherian’s team to control access to any SaaS-based application via Active Directory. Employees can access Parature, Citrix ShareFile, AtTask, WebEx,, Marketo, Twitter, HootSuite and other apps through a single link on a secure portal. The portal sits inside the firewall and access to individual applications is authenticated by a Windows group logon. Access can be organized by business unit or group, such as Sales, Marketing or Operations.

“I love being able to assign applications to OneLogin Groups, because it allows me to control access to each application via Active Directory,” said Khatcherian.

Eliminating password proliferation while providing one-click access to apps

Using OneLogin, Vision Critical’s IT team has eliminated the hassle associated with managing passwords while providing a streamlined, simplified way for employees to access their SaaS-based applications. Khatcherian can now provide Vision Critical employees with a single point of entry for all the company’s business applications.

“The OneLogin portal allows us to consolidate everything into a single dashboard and eliminates password proliferation and provides our users with easy access to the applications they need the most. And, if someone leaves the company, I can turn off access to all apps at once. That’s both good security and good housekeeping.”

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