OneLogin and Twingate Accelerate your Transition to Zero Trust with Identity-Based Network Security

“Twingate is pushing the boundaries of security and usability in the world of Zero Trust. They have created a product that starts with identity at the center. OneLogin is proud to partner with Twingate to bring identity-based network security to the most demanding and innovative companies in the world.”

— Chelsea Wadsworth, Director of Global Alliances at OneLogin

From the very beginnings of Twingate, we set out to make “Zero Trust” more than just a catchy buzzword and enable our users to effortlessly deploy and maintain a more secure network access solution for their distributed workforces. Today, Twingate is announcing the next step in making Zero Trust even more accessible to more organizations, including a native identity provider integration with OneLogin.

Moving from IP-Based Networking to Identity-Based Networking

The traditional networking stack is missing a key primitive for the modern world: identity. The underlying foundational protocol for the internet (TCP/IP) was never designed for today’s world of cloud computing and ubiquitous mobile devices. TCP/IP networks were designed around the concept of IP addresses, which in today’s environment serve as a poor proxy for identifying who and what traffic belongs to.

As a result, CIOs, CISOs, and IT administrators are in a constant struggle between adopting network access technologies that are either highly secure or highly flexible. Unfortunately, this often results in an architecture that excels at neither. Because traditional VPNs are often seen as the de facto solution for secure network access, incremental security efforts are commonly built on top of this and are designed around a legacy IP-based security model. Most often, we encounter customers who come to us disappointed with their existing VPN-based solution after accumulating a patchwork of technologies to support their growth, which have become brittle and difficult to manage over time.

Twingate is focused on building a new foundational primitive for the future of network security: identity. With Twingate, every network connection and packet is tied to a reliable indicator of identity (the user, machine, and/or device) and a robust platform to manage access based on that identity. We believe that over the next 10 years, every company will migrate from perimeter, IP-based networks to Zero Trust, identity-based networks.

Bringing OneLogin to Twingate

Given the central role of identity in tomorrow’s networks, we are very excited to partner with OneLogin—a longtime industry leader—to bring its native identity management capability to Twingate’s Zero Trust Access solution.

Twingate can be deployed in minutes, supports every major client platform, provides application-level access controls, and integrates with every major Identity Provider. In addition, administrators can monitor and maintain their networks through a user-friendly but powerful consumer-grade interface.

Deploy Twingate with one command

Manage access from your dashboard

With today’s announcement, Twingate administrators can now set up access controls in minutes using OneLogin. With group sync capability, admins only need to define user groups once within OneLogin, and those associations will automatically be applied within Twingate as well. This integration means that administrators not only save time, but can confidently rely on a single source of truth for user access controls.

Fast growing companies have already adopted forward-looking technologies based on cloud-native architectures and hybrid distributed systems, including modern identity-based technologies like OneLogin and Twingate. Twingate customers report that they often reduce deployment time by 80% and ongoing client setup and support load by 90% compared to their previous VPN, all while expanding their distributed workforces in a more secure way.

Quickly connect from any device

Try It for Yourself

For OneLogin customers who are already using Twingate, you can now access simple step-by-step instructions for setting up OneLogin with Twingate from our documentation. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes to set up.

For those who are new to Twingate, please get in touch. We’d be happy to show you around the product via a free Twingate demo.


About the Author

Jay Chen

Jay is Head of Growth at Twingate. Twingate was founded with the goal of helping customers easily implement modern Zero Trust Network Access without compromising security or performance. With a product that can be set up in less than 15 minutes and provides a consumer-grade user and admin experience, we believe that “work from anywhere” should just work.

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