OneLogin’s Definitive Guide to Zero Trust, Vol 2 is Here!

The old-school approaches to security are not working in today’s cyber environment.

While many organizations believe that Zero Trust is too difficult, time consuming, and costly to implement, in the end, implementing this approach will save organizations a great deal of time and money.

To guide organizations on how to implement Zero Trust, OneLogin has developed the second volume of our Definitive Guide to Zero Trust, which covers the following:

  • The best ways to plan for Zero Trust
  • Developing Zero Trust policies
  • Understanding the numerous use cases
  • Applying the Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem

While no organization can be completely immune to a breach, companies that have adopted Zero Trust can be confident that they won’t succumb to the easiest attacks or fail to discover a breach for months or even years.

Not only does Zero Trust lead to a reduced risk of cyberattacks, but it lessens the likelihood of paying large fines and experiencing the loss of customer trust due to a breach. Simply put, Zero Trust is a new security mindset that is becoming a true necessity in today’s business world.

Download Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the guide today!

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Lucie Lawrence

As the Senior Manager of Content Marketing at OneLogin, Lucie Lawrence focuses on developing useful and useable content. Lucie’s master’s degree in journalism and PhD in human communication studies have taught her the magic of storytelling and the importance of crafting information in interesting and compelling ways.

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