OneLogin’s Partnership with Truvisor to Enable Identity and Access Management in Southeast Asia

I’m excited to announce OneLogin’s partnership with Truvisor, founded on the vision to deliver premium IT Automation Services and Management Solutions to businesses across the APAC region. This partnership will enable Truvisor to distribute OneLogin services in the southeast Asia region as well as formalizing our joint commitment to providing a secure, seamless experience for both end-users and administrators.

OneLogin offers robust product functionality across the workforce and customer identity access management (CIAM). This includes advanced feature sets such as our AI-Powered SmartFactor Authentication™ and Vigilance AI™ to streamline visibility into login attempts in real-time, enabling businesses to act quickly and address high-risk activities. We also allow customers to implement secure and customizable authentication flows with policy-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) and flexible APIs. All of this is packaged in competitively priced and easy, bundled offerings, allowing customers to choose what best suits their needs.

Truvisor’s Executive Director, Jonathan Juay states, “The Southeast Asia market has been a region that has long embraced the cloud. As a region, we have adopted SaaS solutions like 0365, Zero, Salesforce, OneDrive, AWS, and Azure for the last decade. Inevitably, the rapid rate of change has caused many concerns around the security of these cloud solutions. OneLogin is a Gartner Leader that helps secure access to these applications in a way that is perfectly catered to Southeast Asia. We love their SmartFactor Authentication features, which take advantage of AI-based decisions around geolocation and IP addresses for authentication. OneLogin’s Self-Service Password Resets feature will also reduce the copious number of support calls that companies get on password resets.”

According to Juay, “OneLogin can save large amounts of time and resources by enabling and provisioning medium to a large number of users with near-instant secure access to all their desktop and cloud applications. The solution has built-in multi-tenancy capabilities that enable MSPs to manage passwords and provision to multiple customers via the same console easily and effectively. Further to this, OneLogin had demonstrated great capability and flexibility servicing enterprises of various sizes in their MSSP environment which is the way to go moving forward.”

He adds, “One of the most important factors of our partnership is OneLogin’s willingness to adopt a channel first policy in Southeast Asia. This, coupled with the OneLogin APAC team to help enable and develop the market, made the decision for our new partnership a simple one.”

Doug Erickson, VP of Global Channels and Strategic Alliances and GM Asia Pacific at OneLogin, says “OneLogin was looking for a distribution partner that would enable us to extend our services and offerings into this important market. Truvisor’s wide channel reach and reputation for being an excellent specialist cybersecurity distributor are important to OneLogin. Truvisor provides the resources that will allow us to provide turn-key solutions that include technical enablement, in-region support, pre-sales resources, and training.” He continues, “The Truvisor relationship is further evidence of OneLogin’s commitment to the channel, and we will support them with the resources they will need for the relationship to be successful.”

OneLogin’s strategic partnership with TruVisor will expand identity and access management offerings across all of Southeast Asia and I’m looking forward to seeing what opportunities our partnership will bring.

About the Author

Suhail Ismail

Suhail Ismail is the Asia Pacific Regional Director at OneLogin focussed on driving the growth and strategy of OneLogin to its partners and customer base. He also has over ten years of experience in cybersecurity at companies including Trend Micro, McAfee and ESET. He holds a Masters in Information Systems from Central Queensland University in Australia.

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