Introducing OneLogin SCIM Provisioning for LastPass Enterprise

Today there is exciting news for OneLogin and LastPass customers!

For those unfamiliar, LastPass helps both consumers and businesses securely manage passwords and improve online security. By making password security effortless for everyone, LastPass helps over 33,000 businesses of all sizes safeguard their password-protected entry points and centralize IT oversight of employee password hygiene.

For businesses using the LastPass solution, ensuring employees are quickly up-and-running with their password vault is a priority. It’s equally important to lock down company systems by immediately offboarding employees when they leave.

In collaboration with OneLogin Developers, we implemented the SCIM protocol for user provisioning to automate onboarding and offboarding of users to LastPass. This feature is now available to LastPass Enterprise customers and can be set up by adding the LastPass provisioning connector in OneLogin’s application catalog.

Now, LastPass Enterprise admins can automate employee onboarding and offboarding, and IT teams can more quickly get the entire company up and running with secure password management.

OneLogin SCIM Integration Brings Automation, Simplification

Before investing in new technology, many IT admins want to ensure it will integrate with systems already in use by the business. Additionally, managing employee accounts and permissions is a huge burden on the IT team. Automating those processes is crucial to both security and productivity. By choosing an Enterprise Password Manager (EPM) that can integrate with existing solutions, like OneLogin, IT admins can enjoy faster deployment, decreased security risks, and centralized oversight of employee authentication across the business.

The System for Cross-domain Identity Management, or SCIM, aims to simplify and automate user provisioning and management. With SCIM enabled applications, customers can expect faster rollouts, increased adoption, and continuous synchronization that updates user accounts in real-time. By leveraging their SCIM developer kit, we worked with OneLogin to provide an integration that syncs the status of users managed in OneLogin. The result is automatic, real-time onboarding and offboarding of user accounts in LastPass Enterprise.

“Our goal is to help technology vendors more easily integrate identity functionality and we’ve seen that adopting the SCIM standard dramatically increases user adoption among our customers. Our partners continue to innovate on this standard and we’re excited for the LastPass team to deliver this enhanced integration to mutual customers.” – John Offenhartz, Senior Director of Product.

“We value integrations with trusted solutions like OneLogin that enhance the LastPass experience for our users,” said Matthew Komar, Senior Software Engineer at LogMeIn. “I appreciated the responsiveness and technical support of the OneLogin team, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

What this means for admins

The OneLogin SCIM integration provides admins with effective onboarding, efficient day-to-day management, and real-time account revocation. When new employees join the company, LastPass is automatically triggered to create new employee accounts.

Employees can then be instantly assigned to a group, with access to shared items relevant to their role, and they can start storing logins as they go. Plus, when employees leave or change roles, their account access is reflected appropriately, revoking access to LastPass and all connected services stored in the employee’s vault.

Get started today

For LastPass Enterprise admins looking to get started with the OneLogin SCIM integration today, see our admin documentation and follow the steps to turn on directory sync in the LastPass admin dashboard.

Already deployed LastPass? Not a problem. You can still enable OneLogin sync without disrupting employee access to LastPass. By automating LastPass with your user directory of choice, you can better scale your LastPass deployment moving forward and simplify day-to-day management of employee access.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to the LastPass team or start a free trial of LastPass Enterprise today.

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Amber Steel

Amber Steel is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at LastPass, working to craft messaging, create interesting content, and bring new products and features to market. Since joining the LastPass team in 2010, Amber has focused on sharing her subject matter expertise, helping others use LastPass to be more secure and productive.

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