Top 3 Ways that IAM Can Enhance the Cloud User Experience

May 30th, 2018   |     |  smarter identity

When businesses make the decision to shift toward cloud integration, they empower their employees like never before. That said, if enterprises want these new cloud capabilities to be utilized to their full potential, they need to ensure that the processes involved are quick and easy for employees to manage. The last thing that your business needs is to spend money for applications that end up being too difficult or frustrating for your employees to use.

Based on what we’ve gathered from our extensive customer base, here are the top 3 ways that IAM solutions like OneLogin enhance the Cloud User Experience.

1. Single Sign-On across all Devices

Having the freedom to utilize so many applications is one of the cloud’s greatest strengths, but also leads to some of the cloud’s greatest challenges. Consider that the average employee utilizes 28 different work applications. This means that in the interest of security, employees must utilize nearly 30 unique username and password combinations. Having so many user credentials is not only a risk issue, but keeping track of so much information makes daily app access cumbersome for employees. This process is especially tedious when employees are trying to access work applications on mobile or tablet devices. Just the thought of having to type in each app’s login info on your tiny iphone keyboard is absolutely maddening.

Thankfully OneLogin has simplified the application access process across all devices. By utilizing the single sign-on feature, employees will be able to establish a single username and password combination that will grant them access to all of their applications. This solution will save employees from all of the headaches that come with managing several passwords, and will save time that they would otherwise be using to repeatedly sign into all their apps. The SSO function also works on mobile and tablet devices with OneLogin’s mobile application. Just type in your credentials once, and you’ve got immediate access to every app you need no matter where you are.

2. Rapid Onboarding

When a new employee joins an organization, they will be eager to start adding value to the business. But if your business has adopted cloud apps without implementing an IAM system, it may be days or even weeks before your new employees can gain access to the resources they need to be productive. Not only does this waste precious time, but it is frustrating for your new employees, and reflects poorly on your business.

By leveraging an IAM solution, on the other hand, your new hires can be equipped with the tools and information they need instantly. OneLogin makes onboarding simple through role-based app provisioning. When a new user is created, they are provisioned to their entire app set based on their role. This ensures that new users gain access to all the tools they need, and can begin adding value to your enterprise from the get-go.

3. Synchronized App Use

Another issue that comes with having so many cloud apps is the increased likelihood of employees not utilizing the same apps to collaborate. This issue can present itself in a number of forms that can be harmful to productivity. For example, some employees may use Slack to communicate while others use HipChat or Skype. If there isn’t an established communication platform for employees to collectively adopt, users will be out of sync, frustrated, and unable to be as productive as they could be. There are numerous app tools with similar functions, so it’s crucial that there is a consistent standard.

OneLogin addresses this issue by offering centralized app administration. In order to reduce confusion, IT can officially establish which apps are company-endorsed, and place restrictions on the ones that are not. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, and can work seamlessly together for maximum efficiency. And should IT decide to switch to another service for a specific purpose, they can quickly acquire the new app and provision users in a matter of minutes.

As powerful as the cloud may be, it’s only as effective as it is easy for employees to use. By leveraging an Identity and Access Management solution, enterprises can limit the frustrations of working with so many apps, ensure that new hires get the tools they need right away, and standardize application use by function so that employees can collaborate effectively.

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